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Central Gov. Health Scheme | Application for Card at (All Details)

Central Gov. Health Scheme. Ministry of Health & Family WelfareGovernment of India. Every citizen of the country will get a health card, Modi government will announce on August 15, the card will benefit you

Scheme : Central Government Health Scheme
Start of Scheme : 15 August 2020
Scheme for : Indian Citizen
Official website :

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Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran ni Bandhani Jilla Kaxae Sopva Babat - Rajya Prathmik Shikshak Sangh. Subject: - Matter of assigning higher salary standard salary at district level.  Sir, compliment to the Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union for informing the above subject research that at present U.P.Dho.

 7 Sevapothis are being accepted once a month in each taluka for approval.  Teachers recruited from 1997 to 2010 and fixed salary to all teachers till date have been given the benefit of seniority in a row by the Government. In addition to 1 lakh teachers from all over the state, U.P.  It has to be sent to Gandhinagar for approval and a service book has to be revised two to three times.

 At present only 25 service books are taken from each taluka every month so teachers will not be able to get this benefit for years.  So our humble request to Aap Saheshri is that most of the establishments in the state belong to primary teachers.  Therefore, instead of Gandhinagar for salary fixation only for primary teachers, the L.F.  To make arrangements to be approved by the office so that our primary teachers can get the benefit of UPD in time which is requested to be reduced.

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According to Vande Mataram, with reference to the above subject and context: At present, students across the state cannot come to school due to the Kovid-19 global epidemic.  Given the current situation, the situation could be similar for the next two to three months.

Not all children seem to be enrolled in the current situation.  Also, the families living outside the village for work are currently going to their hometowns and they are also coming to Gujarat to get admission of their children in schools. They are also getting admission in government schools from private schools.  At present it is not possible to get complete information about the number of students.

So that the setup is considered one month after the state schools open or the same setup of last year is implemented in the current year.  Please take appropriate decision in this matter and inform that department.  Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat .

Central Gov. Health Scheme | Application for Card at (All Details)