Download Shala Swachhata Gunak Certificate with Your Name | SSG Training for Teachers App

Download Shala Swachhata Gunak Certificate with Your Name | SSG Training for Teachers App. Hand wash and School Cleaning Training With SSG Application For Teachers: Gujarat Education Department Now Declared new Online Training for Primary Teachers. Named "Shala Swachhata Gunank" SSG Talim. Gujarat State Primary School Now Closed This time Because Cobid - 19 Spread All Over World.

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So This Time SSA Education Department New Application Launch This SSG App This application will be utilized for self appraisal overviews by schools. An approval review will be directed by the District and along these lines the state Educational organisers.

Download ShalaSwachchhata Gunank - Gujarat App. 

App Name: Shala Swachchhata App
Country: India
Published: August 5 , 2020
App Size: 14 MB
Total downloads: 10,000+

COVID-19 Sajjata ane Shalao ma WASH Palan Sva Shikshan Tatha Shala Swachchhata Gunank Application Ange Video Conference Babat SSA no Paripatra

Subject - "COVID - 19 Preparation and video conferencing on WASH compliance in schools, self-education and school hygiene coefficient application Various activities and programs are being carried out by the Ministry of MHRD

Government of India under" Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya ".  The collaboration will launch "COVID-19 e-module for readiness and WASH compliance self-education in schools and school hygiene coefficient application.  A video conference has been organized by the office here under the guidance of Hon'ble State Project Director for the program which can be properly planned and implemented in all the schools of the state. 

How to Download SSG Certificate ?

 In this regard, on Tuesday 04/08/2020 at 17:00 hrs, DEO Shri and DPC Shri as well as all the District OICs of the entire Education Office and the officers of the Secondary Department will have to join in the video conference on the above subject which is requested to take note.

Swachchhata na Slogan Shalao ma Paint karva Babat paripatra. Swachch Bharat Mission Bharat Na Darek Rajya ma Chali Rahyu chhe Tyare Aa Swachchhata Mission ne Protsahan ane Samarthan Aapava Sarva shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Dvara Gujarat Rajya ni Tamam School ma Swachchhata Sandesh Paint Karva Mate Aa Letter karva ma Aavyo chhe.

Message about cleanliness under the Swachh Bharat Mission to be painted in the state schools.  As per the letter dated 21-11-2019 of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, a letter attached to the schools in your districts to ensure that the message of cleanliness within the Swachh Bharat Mission reaches the students of the school.

 (1) According to the message as well as the logo of Mahatma Gandhi's 7th birth anniversary, the slogan should be properly painted on the toilet block of schools / schools.  Details of the proceedings are to be forwarded to the Ministry of Human Resource Development.  This cost is incurred under the School Composit Grant approved under the entire education.  School Composit Grant 10% of School Composit Grant is approved for sanitation.

Download Shala Swachhata Gunak Certificate with Your Name | SSG Training for Teachers App

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