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New "Rojgar Samachar" Weekly, 14 October 2020

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ગુજરાત રાજ્યના માહિતી ખાતા દ્વારા પ્રસિદ્ધ થતું રોજગાર લક્ષી સાપ્તાહિક

Employment Oriented Weekly published by Gujarat State Information Department

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Education News; Shikshako ne Ravivar Sivay koi Raja nahi, Tamam Vidhyarthio Pass Karashe.

The No Detention Policy will continue in primary schools.  In which all will pass.  This policy was abolished in primary school last September, 2019 and it was decided to fail the weaker students in Std-5 and 8.

 But due to the current Koro epidemic, students from Std. 1 and 11 who did not take the exams were given mass promotions.  However, now that 30 per cent syllabus has been cut in Std 12, on the other hand, no decision has been taken to reduce the syllabus in primary schools.

 But this year too, the no-detention policy will be maintained in all primary schools in the state, according to sources in the education department.  The schools that start will have no holiday except Sunday and if the schools start after Diwali, no holiday will be given except Sunday.

 Public holidays can also be canceled as well as the right to leave which was granted by teachers.  Apart from this, the days of summer vacation will also be reduced, according to the sources of the education department.  According to education department sources, schools in the state are likely to start after November 20, i.e. after Diwali.  Whether schools will start after Diwali will also be decided based on the situation.

Due to the current Kovid epidemic in Koro, educational work has been stopped at school level and educational activities are being carried out by Home Learning.  Which is why children studying in school do not have to come to school.  So that the N.E.S.A.  - As per the provisions of 2013 and Mid-day Meal Scheme Rules-2015, food security allowance is paid to the children by the government as per the prescribed amount in which the amount of cooking cost is credited to the account of the parents of the students.  is coming .

 Therefore, as per the resolution of the government, the centers of mid-day meal scheme cannot be inspected.  Therefore, during the course of the academic work, as per the norms of the Government, the inspection was carried out as per the day fixed by your office as well as the officers / supervisors of the district / taluka level office under your jurisdiction.

 (Payment of Food Security Allowance has started from 16/03/2020 after the closure of schools.)

 (1) To check the school / SMC record as to whether the cooking cost amount is credited to the account of the children registered in the school as per the daily / monthly report given to the Mamlatdar office by the school / SMC  In addition to checking the records maintained by the school for distribution of foodgrains

Monitoring details should be sent here as given below.  After the completion of the training, the report of the entire training will have to be sent here as per the issues involved.

Open the link below to download the PDF module for Loyalty Teacher Training 2020.  This module will be useful for all teachers to take guidance and training on training

Overview: The integration of art with other subjects i.e. (visual arts, drama, literature etc.) Arts becomes an integral part of teaching-learning processes.  It also implies the adoption of an art integrated curriculum.  Where art forms form the basis of study in the classroom.  Art helps to clarify the concepts of the curriculum.  The art integrated curriculum can provide logical, student-centered and meaningful of various subjects, easily integrate with various subjects like mathematics, science, social sciences and language and integrate abstract concepts with each other effectively keeping the focus of art in mind.  Through this method omnipresent joy and experience can be taught. 

 This module illuminates various topics with examples of how to integrate them with art.  It also points out the stages so that the facilitator can better use his ccE skills and device to learn better.  However the training given is freely given and the teacher can achieve the objectives of the teaching and the selected study findings.  An example of the activity given in this module is n.  C.  E.  RT.  No textbook based.  Which is typical.  In this way textbook based activities implemented in the state can be done.  This module provides a set of four to five indicator sources for the facilitator.  The facilitator can make the optional sections and additional designs more interesting.

Download New "Rojgar Samachar" Weekly, 14 October 2020 in Gujarati


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