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NISHTHA Talim Bisag Penasaran Video | NISHTHA Online Teachers Training BISAG Penasaran Live Videos

NISHTHA Talim LIVE : NISHTHA Talim Bisag Penasaran Video | NISHTHA Online Teachers Training BISAG Penasaran Live Videos

Online BISAG Live

NISHTHA Shikshak Talim DIET Principal, Lecturer and School Inspector Dwara Monitoring karva Babat GCERT no letter

Loyalty teacher training matter imp letter.  Loyalty course on initiation platform from online mode under NISHTHA training by GCERT has been started from 5th October 2020.

 This was stated in the reference letter for the training of all teachers and head teachers who have not undergone fidelity training.

 During the training, DIET Principal, Lecturer and S.I.  Will have to be monitored by as well as scan the QR code shown against its information and upload it in Google form in the afternoon.  The report form has to be filled as per the attached form.

 Monitoring details should be sent here as given below.  After the completion of the training, the report of the entire training will have to be sent here as per the issues involved.

Open the link below to download the PDF module for Loyalty Teacher Training 2020.  This module will be useful for all teachers to take guidance and training on training

Overview: The integration of art with other subjects i.e. (visual arts, drama, literature etc.) Arts becomes an integral part of teaching-learning processes.  It also implies the adoption of an art integrated curriculum.  Where art forms form the basis of study in the classroom.  Art helps to clarify the concepts of the curriculum.  The art integrated curriculum can provide logical, student-centered and meaningful of various subjects, easily integrate with various subjects like mathematics, science, social sciences and language and integrate abstract concepts with each other effectively keeping the focus of art in mind.  Through this method omnipresent joy and experience can be taught. 

 This module illuminates various topics with examples of how to integrate them with art.  It also points out the stages so that the facilitator can better use his ccE skills and device to learn better.  However the training given is freely given and the teacher can achieve the objectives of the teaching and the selected study findings.  An example of the activity given in this module is n.  C.  E.  RT.  No textbook based.  Which is typical.  In this way textbook based activities implemented in the state can be done.  This module provides a set of four to five indicator sources for the facilitator.  The facilitator can make the optional sections and additional designs more interesting.

NISHTHA Talim Video Conference; Shikshako mate ni Online Nishtha Talim angeni Conference Jova Babat SSA no paripatra

Online NISHTHA Teachers Training For DIKSHA Application

Subject: Regarding joining the video conference on loyalty online training for primary teachers, regarding the above topic, Mr. said that the following details regarding the planning of online training of the remaining primary teachers in loyalty training should be considered as a video conference.  

NISHTHA Talim Bisag Penasaran Video | NISHTHA Online Teachers Training BISAG Penasaran Live Videos

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