Police Bharti new Update - Police Recruitment is the latest news for all students waiting for police recruitment

પોલીસ ભરતીની રાહ જોતા તમામ વિધાર્થી માટે આ બીગ બ્રેકિંગ: પોલીસ ભરતી લેટેસ્ટ ન્યુજ છે (This Big Breaking: Police Recruitment is the latest news for all students waiting for police recruitment)

પોલીસ ભરતી માટેની સત્તા ગૌણ સેવા પસંદગી મંડળ પાસેથી છીનવી લેવાશે, ગૃહ વિભાગ જ ભરતીપ્રક્રિયા પૂર્ણ કરશે

Power for police recruitment will be taken away from the secondary service selection board, only the home department will complete the recruitment process.

ગૃહ વિભાગ જ 12,988 જગ્યાની ભરતી કરશે (The Home Department alone will fill 12,988 posts)

ક્યા - ક્યા વિભાગમા ભરતી આવશે?

Which department will be recruited?

કેટલો સમયમા ભરતી પ્રક્રિયા પૂર્ણ થશે?

How long will it take to complete the recruitment process?

પરીક્ષા કઇ પધ્ધતિથી લેવાશે?

What is the method of examination?

ભરતી પ્રક્રિયામા મૌખિક ઇન્ટરવ્યુ કે પછી રૂબરૂ મુલાકાત લઈ શકાશે?

Can oral interview or face-to-face interview be conducted in the recruitment process?

જાણો સંપૂર્ણ વિગત નીચેની લિંક દ્વારા (Find out the full details by following the link below)

The right to accept police recruitment will be given to another service selection committee

 The Home Ministry will form a separate recruitment committee and appoint it along with the result of the examination.

 After much controversy the third level posts of the State Department of Internal Affairs are being replaced by a second service selection committee of police non-armed intelligence agencies, ASIs, police officers, intelligence agencies, armed police officers, etc.  I will, however, require compliance with the conditions laid down by the government.

 There were many inconsistencies and jealousies

 The Gujarat Secondary Services Selection Committee (GSSSB) has had a number of controversies, including tests, results, appointments and recruitment, which have been going on for some time.  In these circumstances, the resources of the Department of General Affairs indicate that the technical and non-technical adoption of secondary cadre-3 has been made by the secondary services selection committee.

 Discussion on the establishment of Lokarasak Recruitment Board

 The Home Ministry is considering setting up a separate recruitment committee for the recruitment of unarmed police officers, armed police officers and SRPF, locators for PSIs, intelligence agencies, ASIs, ASIs and the Home Ministry.

 The home ministry alone employs 12,988 people

 PSI, Intelligence personnel, ASI, Armed SRPF, Armed Police.  Currently, all 12,988 jobs are taken directly by the Home Ministry.  However, it is limited to the beginning of the recruitment exercise or one year in advance, so the recruitment process will be completed in one year.  Recruitment is based entirely on OMR test and no candidate will be interviewed directly or during recruitment.

Police Bharti new Update - Police Recruitment is the latest news for all students waiting for police recruitment



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