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Regarding verification of details of administrative service performance of primary teachers / schools and other suggestions

 Regarding verification of details of administrative service performance of teachers / schools.  Detailed instructions are given from the letter dated 16-11-2019 of the Directorate of Primary Education.  In order to complete the work within the time limit, there is a frequent suggestion of the meeting held at the office here - November - December and January, but so far, you have not done any serious work or planning on completing the work.  Which is a very serious matter.  - This letter warns you to complete this task in day-7 by conducting a result-oriented planning on the completion of the work.  If you are terminated in this regard, you will be compelled to take action against you.

 To verify the details of the teacher profile

 The state government has decided to carry out the online activities of all the schools in the state.  The school has uploaded all the teachers and school details at for online operation.  However, some details still appear incomplete.  So the remaining details will have to be worked out keeping in mind the following points for verification of filled and filled details.

 Work for Teacher Detail Verification at the school level

 > The school will have to check the following details of each of its teachers and give a certificate of authenticity

Teachers Personal Information
૦ Permanent address details (as per service)
૦ Salary Details
૦ Business information
૦ Service time line - Holiday details
૦ Educational Qualifications
૦ Details of ccc
૦ Election card details

 According to the school record in the above teacher profile, the teacher login will be verified and the teacher must print all the details from the teacher's print and give the signature to the principal and click on submit button.

 The Principal has to sign the verification and give the hard copy to the Taluka Primary Education Officer.

 Details of teacher left on lobby leave

 The state government has decided to make administrative work of all the schools in the state online.  Which will be delivered to you.  All the details of school payroll online at under online operations such as ...

 Basic, grade pay, higher pay standard, GPF / CPF details, bank name, bank account number, congregation details etc. The work of verification with off-line payroll will be completed by Taluka Primary Education Officer in DIN-3.

 In addition, the teachers will have to verify that the data in their profile is exactly as per the services provided by the Taluka Primary Education Officer by 20-11-2019.

 Certificate of salary verification certification must be given by Taluka Primary Education Officer.  The certificate is placed in the certificate section in the taluka login at  Fill in the details which will be collected at the district level and sent to the office within the time limit.

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