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Gujarat cmo Ashwinikumar press conference About coronavirus

Gujarat CMO ashwinikumar organized a press conference under coronavirus. The Government of Gujarat has made very important decisions and plans for the people of Gujarat.

gujarat cmo ashwinikumar press conference About coronavirus

Recent lockdowns have been announced across India. Then all the people of Gujarat have seen a lot of problems, especially the working class people who work daily to finish their meals. Relief and assistance has been announced by the Government of Gujarat for such people. Rs. 1000 lakh will be provided to 66 lakh people who hold each ration card And the amount will be deposited directly into the tenant's account starting next Monday. Apart from this, some important points are as follows.

Decision of the State Government of Gujarat

  • The amount holder will be credited to the account 1000
  • Benefits to 66 lakh families
  • The amount will be deposited starting Monday

Hal Ma Corona Virus na karane vaishvik mahamari na karane Primary ke Highschool ma Rajao Aapva ma aavel chhe. Jena karane Have Unalu Vacation ma Kap kari ne Shikshako ni Rajao Ochhi karva ni Vicharna Shixan vibhag dvara chali rahi hoy teva news Aavel chhe. Vadhi information mate news joi shako chho.

Mukhya mantri Vatsalya "Ma Card" Yojana Antargat Aavak na dakhla ni Mudat Vadharo karva Babat Ane Emergency Case ma Teno Labh Aapva Babat Gujarat Aarogya vibhag no Aa letter 6. Vadhu mahiti mate letter vancho.

Depending on the cause of infection during the maintenance of the law system in the situation arising due to COVID-19 virus in the state, the dependent has to pay Rs.  Letter from the Home Department of the Government of Gujarat on the grant of Rs 25 lakh

 Currently, people are being advised to stay home to prevent worsening the spread of the virus in the country (covid 19) and to prevent the spread of the virus.  Lockdown is the only way to prevent the spread of the disease.  The police force, homeguard, civil defense, GRD traffic brigade, jail system are performing day and night to make this lockdown successful.

 During the day-to-day duties of these soldiers, they are also at risk of getting infected with the virus and are likely to die of the disease.

 Hence, it is prescribed to provide Rs. 25, 00, 000 / - (Rupees twenty-five lakhs) to his dependent family in case of death of any security personnel / officer due to infection.

gujarat cmo ashwinikumar press conference About coronavirus

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