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Home Learning ane Ghare Shikgiye ni Samayik Mulyankan Kasoti Leva mate Education Department Dvara Letter karva ma Avel che. Aa kasoti Anivarya sanjogo na karane Rad Karva Babat Rajya Sang ni Rajuat no Letter

Primary Shalao no Samay Savarno Rakhva Babat Niyamak Sir No Letter. Date-30/06/2020. School hours will be from 1/7/2020 to 31/7/2020 from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Students will not have to come to schools during this time

July 2020 ma 3% Increment Manjur kari RT-3 Patrak ma Aakarva babat Mahesana Jilla no Letter. According to the 6th pay commission announced earlier by the Gujarat government, an increase of 3% has to be sanctioned to the employees in the month of July every year. According to which, the employees who are currently on duty in the school on regular basis and all the employees who have been given the benefit of pay fixation as per the seventh salary, have been given an increase of 3% as per the rules. - 3 Forms must be brought along with the size of the pay band. So that it can be checked with the check list received from Index-B.

Employees whose increments are planned in January 2020 will also have to be clearly noted with a red pen. So that the increase of such employees will not be released again in July 2020. If such notice is not taken and the annual increase of such employees is released then all the responsibility arising in this regard will be on the head of the school. Of which special note.

In addition, employees who are retiring on 31/10/2020 due to age limit (with the benefit of the session) are not eligible for incremental benefits and regular increments are not required. Employees who retire on or after 31/07/2020 In addition to the employees who are in the regular pay scale from the fixed salary and who have completed six consecutive months or more on 01/07/2020, the increment is eligible in July 2020. Will be able to implement.

Note: - The schools whose result of Std.10 / 12 for the last three years is less than 30% will have to stop the increase by taking action as per the letter dated 24/06/2015 from the office here. If the order is not complied with, the principal will be responsible. The certificate attached herewith has to be submitted by the institution at the rate of Rs.

Home Learning Mulyankan Kasoti Rad Karva Babat Rajya Sang ni Rajuat no Letter

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