Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book 2020 pdf Download

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika (Book) pdf 2020. Sarkari Karmachario Mate "Khatakiya Tapas" ni Karyavahi mateni Adhyatan Margadarshika. Useful guide for teachers and all government employees. New Guidelines for Employee Departmental Inquiry - 2020. New Guidelines PDF can be downloaded here to find out what has changed in the new rules.

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book 2020 pdf Download

Gujarat Seva Shist Niyamo 1971 in Single File Here Download pdf. Gujarat Seva Shist na Niyamo 1971 All Information PDF Copy Download

Gujarat Seva Shist Niyamo 1971 Book pdf 

Here is : GCSR 1971 Khatakiya Tapas mate ni Book Download pdf

Khatakiya Tapas Mate ni Margadarshak book
  • saspend Etle shu ?
  • Charge sheet Etle shu ?
  • Khulaso kai rite Apvo ?
Faraj Mokufi Niyamo
  • Faraj Mokufi Ketlo samay hoy ?
  • Pacha Nokri ma lai shakay ?
  • Faraj Mokufi Ma ketlo Pagar Male ?
  • Service Book Ma shu Nodh Pade ? 
Departmental Investigation Guide-2020

Book of Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 2020 has been published for all government employees

What happened to the new rules ?

Important points
▪️ What is suspension?
▪️ What is a chargesheet?
▪️ How to give an explanation?

Rule of suspension of duty
▪️ How long is the suspension?
▪️ Can I get back to work?
▪️ How much is the salary in deferment of duty?
▪️ What is noted in the service book?

Download the PDF of the guide to learn all these rules.

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