Pragna Gujarati, Paryavaran Teacher Handbook / Shikshak Aavrutti ma Thayela Ferfar 2020-21

Pragna Gujarati, Paryavaran Teacher Handbook / Shikshak Aavrutti ma Thayela Ferfar 2020-21. Pragna Varg ma Shikshak mate ni Aavrutti ma Je koi Ferfar Thaya chhe. Te Ferfar anhi PDF ma Aapva ma Aavya chhe. Te Download kari ne Joi shako chho. Je Darek pragna Shikshak mate upayogi Thashe.

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A meeting was held by the in-charge secretary of Mehsana district to review the existing system in order to strengthen and expedite the preventive measures in the case of Kovid-19 cases in Mehsana district.  At the end of the review and discussion in the meeting, to intensify door-to-door surveillance in urban areas and to detect suspicious cases of ILI / SARVARDS / COVID-19 and refer them for medical examination / treatment at Government Hospital / UHC / CHC and COVID of persons deemed necessary.  It has been decided to take the service of BLO in order to make the healing process more fast and effective by admitting the tested positive patients to Hoi Isolation / Isolation Facility / Quid Hospital and treating the limited number of field health workers in urban areas.

3+ Good Rating and Best Review gat This App. The BLO visits each house at least once a week in the society / colony, flat / running etc. included in the polling station under their jurisdiction and asks them questions as per the questionnaire provided by the Chief District Health Officer, District Panchayat, Mehsana.  Information about the health of the family members should be collected and during such a visit, if any member of the family finds out the symptoms of the disease like ILI / SARIWARDS etc., his full name, address and contact number should be collected on the same day.  The Taluka Health Officer will be sent by 7:00 pm on the same day and the Taluka Health Officer will send the health check of such persons to the Health Officer on the next day for medical examination and medical treatment will be given to such persons as far as ILI / SARIWARDS are concerned.  / COVID - Follow up every day until you get rid of 19 symptoms.

 B.L.O.  It is requested that this operation be carried out diligently with the election-related field operations in the dire circumstances of the prevailing epidemic.  District Primary Education Officer and Deputy District Election Officer will supervise and control the work of BLO.  And Chief District Health Officer, Mehsana and B.L.O.  Will act as a link between and provide guidance to the BLO.

Pragna Gujarati, Paryavaran Teacher Handbook / Shikshak Aavrutti ma Thayela Ferfar 2020-21

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