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Standard 1 to 8 Material

Ashram Shala Shikshak Bharti Antargat Mahiti Aapva Babat Paripatra

Ashram Shala Shikshak Bharti Antargat Mahiti Aapva Babat Paripatra

Hence all the District Deputy Directors  To inform the District Social Welfare Officer that the recruitment of Ashram school educational staff for standard 1 to 8 is done through centralized recruitment system subject to the provision of Government Resolution regarding recruitment of educational staff in subsidized residential primary schools run by a voluntary organization.

 Details of Academic Staff to be filled in Ashram School 1 for recruitment of Sadarhu, Details of Academic Staff Vacancies (Ashram School wise) Roster Work Details Included: Details of Ashram School as per Form 1 to 3  Ready to send.

 In addition, all the district officers are informed that care must be taken to send this information after confirming the accuracy of the flood as well as necessary.  In the case of roster points in particular, the certified roster register of the ashram school has to be ordered and the required verification has to be done along with the roster register.

 It remains to be seen whether the fact shown in the roster register will be offset.  If there is any mistake in this matter, all the responsibility will be the personal responsibility of the Sindhi District Officer.  In this way, the present duty teachers of any subject.  It is necessary to show the subject only with the necessary accuracy as to what qualifications are required. Personal attention should also be given to this matter.

 Apart from this, the details of the teachers currently on duty in the ashram school should also be sent in the details mentioned in Form-1.  Prepared the above information with adequate care.  Non-payment should be sent in day-3 as per form 1 to 3.

Ashram Shala Shikshak Bharti Antargat Mahiti Aapva Babat Paripatra


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