GUJCET Q.Paper Solution, Answer Key PDF - 2020

GUJCET Q.Paper Solution, Answer Key PDF - 2020

Bin Talimi Shikshako ne Talim Lidha Bad Uchchatar Pagar dhoran Aapva Babat Niyamak sir no Letter

Subject: - Regarding training of non-trained teachers after training.  Reference: - To state the above subject from the letter of the education department that the details of the non-trained teachers of the state are to be submitted at the government level.  Will have to give.

The above details should be given to the Government and should be given top priority.  Without sending any information from the taluka / school level, the details of your district should be collected at the district level and sent with the signature coin of the district primary education officer / governor.  So take note.

Reference: Official letter from the Hon'ble Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.  The reference letter from the Government of India has sought the opinion of the teachers in the form of a questionnaire to prepare a Plan of Action as well as a National Ural Framework for school education related chapters under NEP-2020.

 For this the teachers have to register at the following link provided by the Government of India and later give their opinions in the form of answer to the quiz.  For this, questions have been asked regarding the chapters related to school education and for a better understanding of these questions, one can better answer the questions by reading the details related to the chapter topic of NEP-2020 in NEP-2020.  Teachers will have to give these answers based on their knowledge, experience and classroom transaction teaching.  This reference letter is attached herewith for more details.

 These details are requested to reach all Government / Granted / Private Primary / Secondary and Higher Secondary schools.  And please see to it that more and more teachers from your districts register.  Link: then click on nep2020.  Upload should be done between 24/08/2020 to 31/08/2020.  Enclosure: Reference letter

GUJCET Q.Paper Solution, Answer Key PDF - 2020


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