From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving, know the rules

 The following changes will be made in the motor vehicle rules
  •  Mobile can be used to see the road while driving.
  •  Buying a TV will be expensive
  •  So what will be cheaper ??
  •  Worth to know all the information
  •  If money is sent abroad, TCS will be deducted on it
  •  Many other changes will also take place from October 1.
  •  Read in detail.

Agar main neta hota to hindi nibandh in PDF | Download "Yadi main Neta Hota to" Essay in Hindi

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India is implementing the Central Sector Scheme with a view to achieving the main objective of online training for the Khelo India National Fitness Program for Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children indist all.  That is, "Khelo India" is a national program for the development of sports, under which the Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) has been developed by the Sports Authority of India to assess the physical health of school going children across the country.

 Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) will provide Fitness Assessment Report Card for the youth class of India as well as Physical Fitness Assessment E25 students of all students going to school (Std-1 to 12). 

Role of schools: The academic year started from June 2020. Due to the current Corona epidemic, it is not possible to call students to schools for educational work.  So that the Sports Authority of India and the entire Shiksha, Gujarat has organized the following Online Training of Trainer Program (TOT) for the principals of the schools under Khelo India as well as the nodal spot tier of the school.

 In addition, e-certificate will be given to Sports Authority of India and the entire Shiksha, Gujarat Principal / Nodal Sports Teacher.  The principal of the school as well as the nodal sports teacher of the school who are yet to be registered should immediately register on the following link.

 up pga slot yet is told to do.  In addition, you can contact the Sports Authority of India on the following number for information and problems under the above program.

Subject: In the primary schools of the state.  Regarding the entry through unit scanning from unit test book for 3 to 8, to state that in the last 3 years, with the objective of improving the level of education in all the primary schools in the state and knowing the student learning outcomes.  Unit tests are planned for 3 to 8.

 As in the previous year, this year also under PAT program, students of all subjects from Std. 3 to 8 and question wise data captors (marks / results) have to be obtained.  This work has to be done at the school level through the SaralData mobile application through the canning process with detailed guidelines attached herewith.  Monitoring of all matters related to scanning at school level under Unit Test (PAT) is done by CRC.  The coordinator has to do.

 Under the Unit Test (PAT) the data of students of all the schools is taken from the base and the Blood Dias - Child Tracking System, which should be taken into consideration.  District M, I.S.  Will be the coordinator.

Important instructions to keep in mind to scan Marcus under unit test

 1. You can download saralData application from Google play store.  You can also download it by clicking on the link below.

 2. For online attendance of teachers and students, you have to login to the application using the same username and password that you use in the Online Attendance system Portal.

 3. In the table given in the unit test booklet, the last 7 digits of the student's UID should be written in the box given against the unique ID of the student.  As well as the question sequence and marks in the circle given below, the student has to darken the circle of the number of marks obtained in that question

 4. Keep the following points in mind while concentrating in the circle given in the unit test table.  Completely darken the circle of the number of marks obtained in the above question.

From October 1, a number of rules will be changed, including banking and driving, know the rules