shikshakparv NEP 2020 : Subject - "Teacher's Festival - Seminar on National Education Policy 2020".
To state or respect the above subject and context. Starting from 5th September by the Education Department on the instruction of the Minister of Education. A seminar on "Teacher's Day - National Education Policy 2020" has been organized till September 25, 2020....

From Date : 08 September 2020

To Date : 25 September 200

Time : 08:00 to 10:00

Regarding this planning, according to the Teachers' Festival - Seminar on National Education Policy 2020 (Phase-II), from 8th September to 25th September, 2020, every morning from 08:30 to 10:00 on Gujarat Channel-A as well as on Facebook Workplace. Is broadcast. Apart from this, the program to be aired at the national level in connection with the Teachers' Festival will also be aired on Gujarat Channel-A as well as Swayamprabha Channel-31 till September 25, 2020. The program can also be viewed from the following link.

Direct Link For Rashtriya Shikshan Niti 2020 (NEP) Sangoshthi

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Therefore, all teachers, head teachers and teacher instructors from your level are encouraged to watch this program in your district.

Shikshak Parva - Rashtriya Shikshan Niti 2020 (NEP) Sangoshthi Nihalva Babat