NISHTHA Online Training Niyamit (Timetable Mujab) Purna karva Babat - Bharuch

NISHTHA Online Training Niyamit (Timetable Mujab) Purna karva Babat - Bharuch

 Matter of completing regular training of teachers on online training.  Date: NISHTHA on-line training has started from 05/10/2020.  In which all the head teachers are engaged except the teachers who were trained in face to face mode last year.

 As per reference-2, as per the information given under this training, in the first course (counting one course of three modules) in Bharuch district, 321 teachers are left to be registered under this training and 498 teachers are to be registered in course-2.  Pending.

 The remaining teachers of your school, the information of the teachers, the details of the reasons for their inability to join, will be sent immediately by the link of the attached Google form by the date: 19/10/2020.  Apart from this, out of the total teachers / teachers registered in Bharuch district, 236 teachers have not completed the first course (first three modules) and 169 teachers / teachers have not completed the second course (modules 4, 5 and 6).  If any teacher / teacher in your school has not completed the course, you will also send the reasons in the attached Google form immediately.

 Teachers who have not yet joined / completed the training will be advised to join at the beginning of the new course.  Compulsory training as per the instructions of the Government in the month of December for the remaining teachers / teachers who cannot complete the course!  Is being planned.  In the mode / place indicated by the Government).

 At present, all the remaining teachers in this training, the teachers have to take regular training on a daily basis and do all the assigned work regularly.

 Details of each day of note training are provided by CRC.  Reach out to BRCCO-Coordinator through Coordinator.

 Along with this, the details related to your school's NISHTHA LIM should be filled in the Google form by 13/10/2020 by scanning the QR code given below or through the link.

Shala ma Shixako ni 50% Rotation thi Hajri Babat Aa Arvalli Jilla no Letter 6. Je mujab Tamam shikshako Hajar Raheva nu raheshe.

Home Learning DD Girnar Prasaran 16 to 31 October Time Table - Std 1 to 8. Regarding the educational work to be aired on Doordarshan Kendra-DD Girnar channel on "Home Learning".  According to the above subject, the current academic year starting from June 8, 2020, due to the current Corona epidemic, it is not possible to call students to schools for educational work.

So that for the educational work of the students from the state level Std-1 to 5, Std-6 to 8 and Std.  Content based video / educational lessons prepared for students from 9th to 12th through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra- D.D.  Launched from Girnar Channel from 15th June 2020.

 In this regard, Doordarshan of Std-1 to 12 students - DD Girnar's educational work under the 16-October-31-October-2020 hours of study process of students of Std-1 to 8 is included with this.  BRC / CRC in all the schools of your district.  Request to deliver this schedule to parents / students through teachers

 Enclosure - Schedule for Std. 1 to 8 16 - October to 31 - October 2020

NISHTHA Online Training Niyamit (Timetable Mujab) Purna karva Babat - Bharuch

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