October Ekam Kasoti Ferfar Babat Paripatra | Unit Test na Aayojan Ane Date ma Change Babat

Today's Latest Circular on Changes in the Planning of the Periodic Unit Test for the Month of October

 Find out the date of delivery and return of unit test notebook.

Ekam Kasoti Entry Paripatra 2020 | Tamam Primary Schoolo ma Online Marks Entry "Saral Data App" Dwara Spanning Karva babat SSA no paripatra.

Subject: In the primary schools of the state.  Regarding the entry through unit scanning from unit test book for 3 to 8, to state that in the last 3 years, with the objective of improving the level of education in all the primary schools in the state and knowing the student learning outcomes.  Unit tests are planned for 3 to 8.

 As in the previous year, this year also under PAT program, students of all subjects from Std. 3 to 8 and question wise data captors (marks / results) have to be obtained.  This work has to be done at the school level through the SaralData mobile application through the canning process with detailed guidelines attached herewith.  Monitoring of all matters related to scanning at school level under Unit Test (PAT) is done by CRC.  The coordinator has to do.

 Under the Unit Test (PAT) the data of students of all the schools is taken from the base and the Blood Dias - Child Tracking System, which should be taken into consideration.  District M, I.S.  Will be the coordinator.

Important instructions to keep in mind to scan Marcus under unit test

 1. You can download saralData application from Google play store.  You can also download it by clicking on the link below.

 2. For online attendance of teachers and students, you have to login to the application using the same username and password that you use in the Online Attendance system Portal.

 3. In the table given in the unit test booklet, the last 7 digits of the student's UID should be written in the box given against the unique ID of the student.  As well as the question sequence and marks in the circle given below, the student has to darken the circle of the number of marks obtained in that question

 4. Keep the following points in mind while concentrating in the circle given in the unit test table.  Completely darken the circle of the number of marks obtained in the above question.

October Ekam Kasoti Ferfar Babat Paripatra | Unit Test na Aayojan Ane Date ma Change Babat


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