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Rashan Card ni Seva Gramya Kaxae Puri Padva Mate Talati ne Adhikrut Karva Babat Paripatra

'Digital Seva Setu" Rashan Card ni Seva Gramya Kaxae Puri Padva Mate Talati ne Adhikrut Karva Babat Paripatra

Matter of authorizing the concerned Talati to provide ration card related services at village level through e-Gram Vishwagram under “Digital Gujarat Seva Setu”.

 With the resolution of (1), out of various services provided under Gujarat Government's www.digitalgujarat.gov.in, it has been decided to provide the following services from e-Gram Vishwagram Center by Village Computer Entrepreneur affiliated with e-Gram Vishwagram Society.  Is.  Deletion of name from ration card.  Adding a name to the ration card.  Improving ration card.

 The letter (2) states that under "Digital Gujarat Seva Setu" the services related to ration card of this department should be taken under e-gram center  Reading

 In addition to the services prescribed by the resolution (1) taken from the above reading relating to the ration card under the Government of Gujarat www.digitalgujarat.gov.in by the resolution of (3), the following order: 4 to 6 (other 3)  Three) Services) It is decided to follow the procedure of total 6 (six) services.

 (1) Adding Names in Ration Card - Additions of Names in Ration Card (Form No.3)

 (2) Deletion of Names from Ration Card (Form No. 4)

 (3) Correction of Name in Ration Card (Form No. 4-4)

 (4) Correction of Address in Ration Card (Form No. 4-B)

 (5) Application for appointment of Guardian / Guardian of Ration Card Holder - For Guardian Nomination (Form No. - 7)

 (6) To get Duplicate Ration Card - For Duplicate Ration Card (Form No. - 9)

 Thus, subject to the instructions and provisions of (1) to (3) taken from reading (4) to the Director, Food and Civil Supplies under the “Digital Gujarat Seva Setu” of the State of Gujarat relating to Ration Card Form No. 3, 4, 6 (  A) It is proposed to authorize the concerned Talati to sign the ration card in respect of the application of 6 (b), 7 and 9.  Different types of ATVT services are being provided by the State Government www.digitalgujarat.gov.in.  Among these services, the provision of services under the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs through e-Gram Center was under consideration of the Government.

  At the end of the adult consideration, it is decided by the state government to provide these services in the following details.  Resolution: Applications for ration card services of this department under "Digital Gujarat Seva Setu" such as Form No. 3, 4, 6 (a), 6 (b), 7 and 9 were resolved in the resolution of Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department.  According to the signature - coins and date

Rashan Card ni Seva Gramya Kaxae Puri Padva Mate Talati ne Adhikrut Karva Babat Paripatra


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