General Provident Fund (GPF) interest rate 2020

General Provident Fund (GPF) interest rate 2020

The interest rate on GPF General Provident Fund was fixed at 7.1% from 01/07/2020 to 30/09/2020 by the announcement of the Finance Department of the Government of India.

 Resolution No. 27/10/2020 by the Department of Economic Affairs of the Ministry with effect from 01/10/2020 on General Provident Fund and other similar funds from F.N.P. (2) -B (PD) / 20.  The interest rate has been fixed at 7.1% for a period of three (3) months till 31/12/2020.

 Accordingly, for the employees of the State Government also the interest rate is fixed at 7.1% from 1/10/2020 to 31/12/2020 on the general balance deposit balance.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name

With the resolution dated 03/06/2010 given in the introduction-1 of the education department of the government, the norms for determining the number of teachers for primary and upper primary schools have been implemented in accordance with the RTE Act-2009.

  Accordingly, in accordance with the revised norms of the student teacher, the District Panchayat Education Committee / Town Education Committees from all the District / Town Education Committees to allocate the teacher establishment district wise / municipality wise against the eligible teachers as per the provisions of this resolution.  Details of teachers to be met by calculating the number of students registered as on 31/08/2020 are obtained from Reference-2. 

 In this regard, subject to the information submitted by your District Education Committee, the establishment of primary teachers is approved subject to the following conditions.  When the establishment of the head teacher will be approved separately and reported.  

(1) To inform the Taluka Primary Education Officer by allocating the Taluka wise teacher establishment in the primary schools of your District Education Committee as on 31/08/2020.  According to which the Taluka Primary Education Officer will have to issue the order of teacher establishment approved against each school teacher.  

(2) While approving school wise establishment from the approved establishment, separate establishment shall be allotted for Std.  

(3) Resolution No. of the Education Department;  PRE / 112012/621065 / K (Part-1), Ta.  Establishment will have to be approved subject to the amendment provision made in Rule 4 of Chapter (b) of the Resolution dated 18/02/2014 from 26/10/2020.  

(4) In the District / Town Education Committees the establishment as per the new norms is less than the vacancies as on 31/08/2020.  Is.  Therefore, such additional superwoman vacancies will have to be canceled as they become vacant due to retirement or other reasons.  No new appointment can be made to any such post.  

(5) In correspondence with the Ranjaya Government and for all purposes as on 31/08/2020, the teacher establishment shall be considered as above.  

(6) The teacher establishment approved by this order shall continue till the re-allotment is made by this office or the allotted seats are withdrawn

General Provident Fund (GPF) interest rate 2020

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