Tarikh 20-11-2020 ni Video Conference Babat Nioyamak Shree no Letter

તા .20-11-2020 ના રોજ વિડિયો કોન્ફરન્સમાં ઉપસ્થિત રહેવા બાબત. Subject: - Matter of being present in video conference on 20-11-2020. Sir, regarding the above subject, it is to be stated that a video conference has been organized on 20-11-2020 on Friday evening at 04-00 hrs from Command and Control Center (ccc).

એજન્ડા : 

  • વધ / ઘટ બદલી કેમ્પ બાબત . 
  • PRC પારા બાબત . 
  • TPEO પ્રમોશન બાબત . 
  • આધાર એનરોલમેન્ટ / અપડેશન બાબત . 
  • હાઇકોર્ટ મેટર / પડતર એફિડેવિટ બાબત . 

 As per the agenda given below, consultations will be held in the post of Chairman of Hon'ble Director according to various postures. Therefore, the concerned officer himself is asked to be present in time in the video conference with all the necessary details. The agenda of this video conference is as follows.

Agenda: Slaughter / reduction camp change matter. PRC mercury matter. TPEO promotion matter. Support Enrollment / Updation Matter. Matter of High Court Matter / Cost Affidavit. Presented from the position of Chairman. 1,2,3,4,5,6 The officer is asked to be present 10 minutes before the scheduled time in the video conference organized as per the above agenda.

To amend the eligibility date of first / second higher pay scale under the provision of CCC. Therefore, the provisions of CCC examination are as follows.

(1) In case of Government Employees / Officers who could not pass CCC / CCC Plus Examination by 30-06-2016, CCC conducted by Government Approved Examination Centers from 01-07-2016 to 31-12-2020. / If they have passed the CCC Plus examination and other provisions for higher pay scale are satisfied, they will be eligible for higher pay scale from the date of eligibility of their higher pay scale.

(2) In case of having passed CCC / CCC Plus examination between 01-07-2016 to 31-12-2020 and has been approved from the date of passing the benefit of higher pay scale earlier, to approve the higher pay standard from the date of eligibility. Will remain.

Earlier, as per the resolution dated 20-09-2016 of the General Administration Department of the Government, if the CCC examination applicable by 30-06-2016 has been passed, the provision of sanctioning higher salary from the date of eligibility was in force. The meeting recommended to the concerned employees to approve the first / second UPD as per the provisions of this resolution and orders were made accordingly.

Title of the document

Schools re-open Official Paripatra and parental consent form PDF

Earlier in the case of officers / employees which were approved at that time under the provision of CCC, the first / second UPDO was approved and now as per the resolution of the General Administration Department of the Government dated 28-07-2020 Proposals of employees who want to amend the eligibility date should be submitted to the concerned Deputy Director (Training) within 10 days as per the attached checklist. And the office of the concerned Deputy Director (Training) out of all the officers / employees on duty at the Industrial Training Institutions under the jurisdiction of his department to amend the provisions of CCC under the provisions of CCC submitted to this office by 20-12-2020. Will have to.

So that the procedure for amending the eligibility date of the first / second UPD under the provision of resolution dated 28-07-2020 of the General Administration Department of the Government can be completed in time.

Tarikh 20-11-2020 ni Video Conference Babat Nioyamak Shree no Letter


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