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Primary School Exam OMR Scanning Table Regarding Formate Paripatra

Nidan Kasoti Scanning Table (SAT) Automatic Excel File. Primary School Exam OMR Scanning Table 

Matter of giving scanning table under first session diagnostic test - 2020-21.  Reference:: (1) On single file-2 of GCERT on 05/4/2001 Hon'ble Secretary, Pvt.  And Hon. Education, letter of approval given by the Department of Education (2) GCERT, Gandhinagar: GCERT / syllabus / 2060-21 / 500, dated 08/6/2011 (2) dated 08/4/2001.  

With the approval of SPD, regarding the above subject, the Hon'ble Secretary has instructed to give the scanning table as per the prescribed size and specification for the data entry of the marks obtained by the students under the first session diagnostic test 2020-91. 

 Pursuant to which, as per the instructions received from Reference-3, as per the instructions given to the office here for reference, a total of 4,9,8,50 scanning tables for a total of 2,31,8 children enrolled in Std.  Grants will be allotted to all the districts of the state for the sheets at a cost of approximately Rs.  (Sample of Scanning Table Sheet is attached herewith) Considering the above matter, considering the instructions to be given by GCERT, Gandhinagar regarding providing standard wise subject wise Scanning Table Sheets to the children of your district as per the attached number (Form obtained from CCC).  Please take legal action from your level.

Primary School Exam OMR Scanning Table Regarding Formate Paripatra

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Scanning Table PDF

એક એજમાં 4 સ્કેનિંગ ટેબલ પ્રિન્ટ કરી શકાય તેવી ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

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Title of the document

Exam Scanning Table PDF

Eligible teachers in Phase-3 (10% weightage) Phase-2 will be interviewed face to face for their knowledge, knowledge and approach regarding performance at ccc which will have 50 marks.  The state level merit list will be based on the marks of the teachers who appeared in three stages.

On the basis of this merit, an order of performance fair will be issued by the Director, Office of the Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar.  If this teacher does not appear at ccc in 7 days then other orders will be made on the basis of waiting list.  Priority of Super Numerical Teachers:

Preference will be given to teachers who are currently under super number.  However, in order to appear in the second stage test after the first stage examination, these teachers have to qualify as shown in stage 2 and have to get at least 5% marks in the commuter skill test.

Teachers who are in the establishment of Std. 1 to 5 and teachers who are currently included in Std. 6 to 8 or teachers who are in the establishment of Std. 6 to 8 and teachers who are currently included in Std. 1 to 5  Numerical will not be counted.  This means that teachers who are currently under siege and whose teachers are not included in any department of any school will be considered super numerical under this circular for performance fair as the orders of these teachers are not affected at ccc but these teachers are in phase-1 and  Must be eligible to appear in 2.

Even the teachers who are currently on duty at ccc, if they want to continue their work at ccc for 1 year, they have to go through the three stages of selection by submitting online as per the instructions of this circular.  All examinations and interviews will be held at Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar.  In which he has to appear on his own.  These service matters will be handled by the Office of the Director, Director of Primary Education.

ઓટોમેટિક નિદાન કસોટી સ્કેનિંગ ટેબલ excel ફાઈલ

👌🏻 એક્સેલ ફાઈલમાં માર્ક્સ લખી તેની ઓટોમેટિક સ્કેનિંગ કોષ્ટક તૈયાર મળશે.. એક પેજમાં 3 સ્કેન કોષ્ટકની પ્રિન્ટ નીકળશે..

🔹SCAN SAT STD 3 & 4 : Download

🔹SCAN SAT STD 5 : Download

🔹SCAN SAT STD 6 To 8 : Download

All the primary school teachers under your jurisdiction will have to be informed about this from your level.  Which is known to Aapshri.