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SMC, CRC, BRC and School Samagra Grant Vaprash Paripatra | Saiyukt Grant ni Entry PFMS ma Karva Babat

To Enhance the usage of EAT module by Implementing Agencies ( IAS ) SMC Grant Vaprash Paripatra. Tamam Grant Kharch ni Entry PFMS Software ma Online Karva Babat

SMC નાણાકીય ખર્ચ બાબત મહત્વપૂર્ણ SMC અને SMC Education તથા CRC, BRC ગ્રાન્ટ ખર્ચ PFMS મારફત જ કરવા બાબત મહત્વપૂર્ણ લેટર

Office of the District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer, All Education, District All Districts: All Governing Officers, Mun.  School Board, Muni Corporation, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat.

Pursuant to the above, stating that registration of DPO, BRC, CRC as well as SMC / SMDC / KMC as an agency in PFMs software developed by the Finance Department of the Central Government has been done as per the new guideline of MHRD.  In addition, the office here has repeatedly instructed the PFMS to pay the expenses and allocate the grant to the agency in your possession.

Even though instructions have been given by your BRC CRC / SMC / SMDC / KMC level to make payments only through PFMS, we have noticed that the instructions are not being followed in this regard which can be considered very serious.

So from now on 100% PFMs will have to be operated with the following instructions.

 1. All types of payments under district level GOI have to be made through PFMS only.  The BRC / CRC in your possession as well as the SMC / SMDC / KMC will have to provide training from your level as required in the above matter.

 2. BRC / CRC as well as SMC / SMDC / KMC level bank account signature authorities will also be responsible for PFMS.

For PFMs, out of the three types of users (1. Admin, 2. Maker, 3. Checker), all the rights of the admin should be kept at the district level.  Also IED of Capricorn and Checker, password related BRC / CRC and SMC / SMDC / KMC level will have to be given.

 At the BRC level, Block MIS Co-O will act as the maker and BRC Coordinator will act as the checker.

 At CRC / SMC / SMDC level, the head teacher should act as maker and checker.

 At the SMC level, the warden cum head teacher will act as the maker and the nodal person (KGBV) will act as the checker.

 4 .. Monitoring of all payments from BRC / CRC and SMC / SMDC / KMC level through PFMS.

 5. From April-2011, if any payment is made at all levels except PFMs, its liability will be determined.

Title of the document

School, SMC, CRC, BRC Grant PFMS Entry Paripatra

The above instructions have to be strictly implemented and the accounting officer has to take special note and the district project coordinator has to review the matter every month.

Download Grant PFMS Online Entry Paripatra : Click Here