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All Ekam kasoti 2021 Dates and Information useful for Schools

All Ekam kasoti Dates and Information useful for Schools

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એકમ કસોટી તારીખો અને માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Winter is a dull season.  A sack of salt is fun to eat.  There are many types of piercings available in the market.  There are different types of holes like Chani hole, Desi hole, Kashi hole, etc.  Now you can see the lemon sized hole.

 How much did this bored man eat when Kate was little?  Nadik-Meshvo river flows through our village.  Grazing on the opposite bank of the river.  In this pasture you can see small and large boards.  A group of bored friends crossed the river in this meadow.  Sometimes he would drop out of school and run away.  Sometimes he was bored with school and sometimes he would be red.  Our gang of kids ruined everything.

 The sweetness of breaking the sweet sack of the board by hand became somewhat juicy and crunchy.  Luck is enjoying this sweetness, even after removing the thorns from the table, it is as fresh on the tongue as it is today.  Sometimes the eyes and hands are pricked with thorns.  To bear the pain of a thorn is like carrying a scarred red hole hidden in the neck to the bottom of the frame.  But in front of the sweetness of that exercise, the pain of this thorn will never be forgotten.  Let's get bored and take it home.  Fill the hole inside the shirt by inserting the shirt into the pants.  Sometimes shirt and trouser pockets also become boring.

 Many people in our city used to go to this pasture to graze cattle and goats.  They were fed up when they came back to graze the cows and goats.  We follow him along the river.  Seeing the dust flying far and wide, they came to Gail.  They came and a bunch of us got bored

Sometimes a big board would come to a friend's field to get bored.  A smart friend drives a branch on the board and falls into the hole.  We are all eager to knit sacks.  And sometimes he tries to pierce with a stone or a stick.  Some friends like Arjuna were aimless.  He understands that he gets bored when he throws stones.  Sometimes the owner of the field would come and we would run away with fists.  All these memories with Bor and Bordi are very exciting even today.

 Now I have to go to a bank known for banking.  He decided to go through some instrumental documentary work.  He reached the bank and made necessary inquiries at various counters.  At the same time a female employee's voice reached my ears: "Are you Mr. Manish? Wait, I'll take some form."  He said politely, pointing to the chair.

 She kept kicking.  From the gesture, it seemed that the desired shape was not being found.  He even tried to print the form.  His efforts were on.  "One second sir-mmmm" - it took a little longer, he said, looking at the smiling face.  It seemed that the desired look was not achieved in spite of his efforts.  After a while, he looked at us from afar and waved his fingers to wait for two-five minutes.  Even with a slow laugh.

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 For some reason more time passed.  So he regretted it.  Customer loyalty was consistently reflected in their efforts.  So they came to us with the necessary forms.  Place your finger on the spot where the signature was to be displayed.  "Sir, what are you doing?"  - She started talking.  "I am a teacher" - I said.  "Yeah! You're a teacher! What is this? Or what does he do?"  Yes, but there is also a sarpanch.  "Yeah wow wow! Yeah, it all hurts me so much that it doesn't even seem to belong to me. Mom, you can't find the collector etcetera."  asked the young bank clerk one after the other.  I talked to my wife a lot.  He asked many strange questions.  He also said that he is from Delhi but added that he likes to work in Gujarat. 

 "Great to meet you. And keep up the good work. You're doing well. And you've done a good job too."  Really proud to see your dedication towards work and customer oriented responsibility.  I was very happy to see a young man from my country doing his job with such responsibility.

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