Mehsana Jillafer Badli Seniority List 2021 PDF Download

Download Mehsana Jillafer Badli Seniority List 2021. Jillafer Badli camp mate Jillafer Form mujab Seniority List primary 1 to 5 ane upper Primary 6 to 8 (Subjects- Language, Maths-Science, ss) Nu List Mukva ma Aavel 6.

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As per the provisions of the Government Resolution dated 23/05/2012 and from time to time, out of the primary / upper primary teachers working in the primary school under the Sabarkantha District Education Committee, the teachers who want to transfer to other districts by district transfer, district transfer unilateral transfer form for district transfer.  Accept the form in your office till 31/12/2020 and send the proposals in two copies along with the supporting evidence after 31/12/2009 to 08/01/2021 with a separate list by subject department.

 Forms will no longer be accepted.  If any question arises regarding the delay, the responsibility for it will be with the concerned TAP.

 આ પણ જુઓ : પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકો માટે જિલ્લાફેર બદલી માટેના તમામ પત્રકો PDF ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

 (Primary Teachers Transfer File All Patrako na Namuna PDF Download karo)

Prathmik Shixako na Badli Niyamo ma Ferfar Paripatra. Matter of change in the rules of transfer paripatra.  Letter of the Department of Education regarding publication of amendments in the rules of transfer of Higher Primary Education / Teaching Assistant, Primary Teacher / Teaching Assistant.  Latest Circular of Gujarat Education Department 26-10-2020

 Significant amendments have been made in the resolutions of 23-05-2012, 18-02-2014 as well as 27-04-2016.  Learn what is the change in the new rules of exchange

Rules for the transfer of Upper Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant, Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant have been published under the reference (1) dated 23/2012 of this section.  Subsequent amendments to the resolutions under reference (2) to (12) are then published.

 Submission to the provisions made under the reference (8) of this department dated 27/07/2020 for the provision of similar benefits to the non-transferable employees of the Gujarat Public Service Commission under the reference (13) of the General Administration Department dated 27/08/2018  The letter was received by this department.  Thereafter, the Director, Office of Primary Education, from the letter dated 09/07/2020 with reference (14) to make necessary corrections in Chapter (b) (4) of the resolution dated 18/02/2014 of this section and single file under reference (15).  With the note dated 08/09/2020, it has been proposed to make necessary corrections in the resolution dated 23/05/2012 of this department.  Considering the report received through the General Administration Department and the above mentioned report made by the Director, Primary Education as well as various ancillary issues under consideration, with reference to this department dated 23/05/2012 under reference (1), dated 18/02/2014 (  5) Resolutions under as well as Dat.  The matter of making necessary amendments in the resolution under reference (8) dated 27/04/2016 was under consideration of Sakka Shri.

 Update Resolution:

 In view of all the above matters, at the end of the adult deliberation of the Government, the following amendments are published in the resolution of this department dated 23/05/2012, dated 18/02/2014 as well as dated 27/04/2016.

 Amended provision in place of existing provision

 (A) The Secretariat Services of Gujarat Government, Gujarat Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Gujarat Public Service Commission and the name.  Husband of a teacher / educator who has completed the job and is working as a teacher / teaching assistant in a primary school owned by his / her spouse, district / town education consent ||  Pani's non-replaceable character can be replaced considering the net vacancies available in the district of the place of origin.

 (B) The posts of the Head of Department at Gandhinagar which exist only at Gandhinagar and the services of the officers working on those posts are not transferable in any other state except Gandhinagar as well as those who are not transferable elsewhere in the State except Gandhinagar.  Even in case of satisfaction, their non-transferable duty can be changed keeping in view the net vacancy available in the district of the place of duty.

That is, transfer of husband / wife of the officer performing duty in Gandhinagar to Gandhinagar district and name.  Spouse of officer / employee performing duty at Gujarat High Court can be transferred to Ahmedabad district.

 In the above case, from the class-1 in charge of the establishment of the concerned administrative department, the certificate of the prescribed specimen given in the appendix attached herewith by the non-descending officer shall be originally adduced as proof.

 While in the case of services of the name Gujarat High Court, the certificate as per the sample of the appendix of the Gujarat High Court has to be submitted as evidence.  In any case mentioned in this page, the place of duty of the concerned officer / employee during deputation shall not be taken into consideration.

 In all such cases, the husband / wife will have to submit the marriage certificate issued by the Registrar regarding his / her marriage registration.  In all such cases, the power to transfer after due diligence will be vested in the Director, Primary Education, such a transfer will be treated as a district transfer and this benefit will be available only once during the entire service.

 The vacancies to be filled by the type of transfer mentioned in this section will have to be filled within the limit of not exceeding 50% of the total vacancies in that district during the academic year.  For these vacancies, it will be necessary to take into account the situation after the final set-up of that academic year.

 But, the date of this section.  Pursuant to Resolution No. 2 of Resolution No. 2 of 23/09/2014, the said condition in the appointment order of the teaching assistant / teacher is as per the above condition.  This condition should be clearly mentioned in the appointment order of the recruitment announcement. "The above mentioned provision and the teaching assistant / teacher who has been appointed under it will not be entitled to the above provision for 10 years of employment.

 For the purpose of transfer, the seniority of Std. 1 to 5 (Lower Primary) and Std. 6 to 8 (Upper Primary) will have to be maintained separately.

 In Std. 1 to 5 and Std. 6 to 8, in the department in which the slaughter takes place in the lower primary / upper primary section, the last ranked teacher of the department will have to be transferred to another school.

 The teacher who has the qualification of Std. 1 to 5 has to be placed in the vacancy of Std. 1 to 5 while changing the incident.

 For Std. 6th to 8th, the subject of which the teacher is being killed should be placed in the school where there is a vacancy.

 Educational assistant / teacher with qualification of standard 1 to 5 should not be placed in standard 6 to 8 or legislative assistant / teacher with qualification of standard 6 to 8 should be placed in standard 1 to 5.

 The following points should be taken into consideration while transferring the child and in case of including the teacher / assistant in the school accordingly.

 The teacher / teaching assistant from the department i.e. primary or upper primary department has to be included in the school in which there is a vacancy in the school of their respective department / subject corresponding to the department / subject of the teacher / teaching assistant.

 Teachers / teaching assistants who have been killed from the school will first have to be included in the vacancy of the department / subject in another school of their paid school.

 If there is no vacancy available in the pay center, then in the taluka and if there is no vacancy in the taluka, then in the taluka close to that taluka of the district, otherwise in any other taluka of the district which has to be included in the schools with vacancy of that department / subject.

 Even after all the vacancies in Std. 1 to 5 districts are filled, if there is a shortage of Std. 1 to 5 teachers in the district, they will have to be placed as Std. 6-8.

 But in the next massacre camp, they will have to be called more teachers.  He will not be able to claim to be in the upper primary department forever.  If there is a vacancy of Std. 6 to 8 in their original school at the time of inclusion in this way, then there will be a vacancy to be included in that taluka or in another taluka, otherwise it will be included in the center of the school.

 Out of the schools which are running Std. 1 to 6, the schools which have less than 20 students in Std. 6 will have to close the Std.  There will be 5 hashes to start with.

 Out of the schools which are running Std. 1 to 7, the schools which have less than 20 students in Std. 6 and 7 will have to close Std. 6 and 7 classes.  And in schools where there are more than 20 students in Std. 6 and 7, a gradual class with Std. 8 will be started.

 Chapter- (3) School Merger Changes:

 District / Ng ઓછી Less number of students in education consent or any other reason ત્યારે When one school / class is merged with another school, the establishment will have to be re-calculated after adding the number of merged schools in the school to which the students are sent.  Establishment of 1st to 5th and Std.6 to 8 will have to be fixed.

 A gentle seniority list of teachers of both the schools has to be prepared keeping in view the date of admission in the respective school.  I.e. std.  If there are a total of 8 teachers in both the schools from 1 to 5, make a common seniority list of those 8 teachers on the basis of the date of admission in the school.

 Thus, if the establishment is being formed according to the teachers available in both the different departments, then the teachers of the merging schools should be kept in the same school in which they are merging, but in case of increase in merging schools,  The incoming teacher will have to be replaced several times.

 When the date of enrollment in the school is the same, the date of enrollment in the account and if it is also the same, the date of birth should be taken into consideration and the seniority should be decided.

Title of the document

Porbandar Jillafer Badli Seniority List 2021 PDF Download

 In this way, the slaughter of the slain teacher will have to be changed according to the rules of transfer.  If more can be done in the district, it has to be reported to the Director.

 The Director, Primary Education shall bring to the notice of all the concerned offices / officers the provisions of this amendment resolution and shall give the necessary administrative instructions for its functioning.

 3. The readings taken from the reading of the above amendment provisions: (2) to (12) under the resolutions and other existing provisions issued by the amendment resolutions shall remain unchanged.

 4. This amendment resolution on the file number of this department.  Registration dated 19/10/2020 is issued subject to the approval received from the Government.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat

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