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Dharmik, Samajik Prasango, Vidhio ni Pravrutio Par Pratibandh babat

Regarding prohibition of religious / social gatherings / occasions / rituals and other such activities during lockdown in respect of COVID-19

 The Central Government has extended the ban on all services / activities except essential services across the country as per the powers conferred on The Disaster Management Act, 2005, which is currently in force across the country with effect from 25/03/2020 to control the effects of COVID-19.  Which also includes the following.

 All social / political sports / entertainmend academic / culturall religious functions / other gatherings, All religious places / places of worship shall be closed for public Religious congregations are strictly prohibited.

 Social Distancing is very important to control the effects of COVID-19, considering all the religious festivals in the coming days?  The following matters will have to be strictly enforced.

 (1) The prohibitions imposed by the Central Government in respect of orders made by the National Disaster Management Authority under the powers conferred by the Disaster Management Act, 2005, are enforceable and shall be strictly enforced by all unless further orders are made by the Central Government.

 (2) All types of public religious activities / worship, bunny or any other type of activities in which people gather may not be done or loudspeakers or other means may be used for this purpose.

 (3) All kinds of religious activities can be done privately and personally.

 (4) After personal worship, people may not be allowed to meet or gather for food, snacks or any other purpose.

 (5) Social and religious leaders should make a special appeal to the people not to gather in any religious activity and to create awareness for the effective implementation of the lockdown.

Dharmik, Samajik Prasango, Vidhio ni Pravrutio Par Pratibandh babat