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Divyang Karmchario ne Lockdown Darmiyan Faraj Mukti Aapva babat Letter

Divyang karmchario ne Atyare Lockdown 2.O darmiyan Nokari par Aavaa mathi mukti aapva babate Gujarat Samanya Vahivat vibhag dvara aa letter tarikh 22-04-2020 na divase karva ma aavel chhe. Je mujab tarikh 3/5/2020 sudhi lockdown puru na thay tya sudhi aava karmachari ne nokari par bolavava nahi..

Divyang Karmachari ne Faraj mukti paripatra
Due to the situation of Kovid-19 in the current year, educational work could not be done in the schools from 16/03/2020.  Due to which no second written test (40 marks weighted) was taken, 80 marks constructive evaluation (40 marks first semester and 40 marks second semester), first semester written assessment 40 marks and 40 marks self-study task (20 marks first semester and 20 marks second semester).  ) A total of 160 marks should be taken into consideration and grades should be given as per the appendix included.

 Even if any student of Std.  This arrangement is only enough for the academic year 2019-20 which you will take into consideration.

 D1 and D2 for standard 1 and D3 and D4 for standard 2 should be prepared as per year.

 Giving result sheet per student to all students from Std. 1 to 8 like every year

 The second test should not be taken in the School Leaving Certificate (LC) to be given to the students, it should be noted in the Remarks column as "Mass Promotion to higher standard". All government schools, grant-in-aid schools and self-governing schools under your jurisdiction  Is.

Divyang Karmchario ne Lockdown Darmiyan Faraj Mukti Aapva babat Letter