World Yoga Day 21 Jun 2021 ni Ujavni Karva babat Letter

21 Vishva Yog Divas (World Yoga Day) 2021 ni Ujavni karva babat Gujarat Government no Letter. 

Regarding the celebration of Yogadin on 21st June 2021.  Ministry of Panchayati Raj, New Delhi, Ta.  Including the letter dated 19/06/2021 stating that 21st June has been declared as International Yoga Day by the United Nations.  Over the past five years, Yogdin has become a ubiquitous campaign for health and well-being.  Given the prevailing circumstances, the importance of yoga has increased due to epidemics like COVID-19.  Yoga is especially important for boosting immunity, reducing stress and maintaining a healthy body.

In the current scenario, various online trainings on Yoga and Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) have been organized by the Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi to ensure a smooth celebration of Yoga Day at home.  The various trainings released by the Ministry of AYUSH can be viewed on any of the enclosed social media websites attached to it.  Ensure that this information is widely disseminated.

 As per the announcement made by Hon'ble Prime Minister in "Mann Ki Baat" program on 31st May 2020, the Ministry of AYUSH has organized a video blogging competition called "Jeevan Yoga" for IDY-2020.  / Has been live since 2020. Instructions for participating in the competition are included in Appendix-2.

The CRC will not be dismissed until a new CRC is appointed.  R.C.  Letter of ssa regarding deputation of coordinator.  Presentation of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union on 5/6/2020.  Pursuant to the above subject, CRC Co.O.  Recommendation of DPCs of various districts for cancellation of deputation as per the application received by the office here has been ratified to cancel the deputation of CRC Co.O.

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વિશ્વ યોગ દિવસ - 21 જૂન

★ ગુજરાતી પુસ્તિકા (Booklet) : "સાર્વજનિક યોગ અભ્યાસક્રમ" (40 પેજ) - ગુજરાત રાજ્ય સરકાર : ડાઉનલોડ કરો

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Yoga & pranayam with pictures.

 In this regard, the deputation has been asked to cancel the deputation in view of the details under Sections- (1) to (4) for the action to be taken before canceling the deputation.

 Under which it is stated from order (3) that if there is no waiting list of CRC Co.O, the deputation of the concerned should continue till new recruitment is done.  Subject to the aforesaid details of the action to be taken before cancellation of deputation- (3) with reference to (2) from Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union, it has been submitted that, if there is no waiting list of CRC Co.O.  It doesn't matter if they are fired but the teachers get the school order so that the place taken by CRC in the upcoming transfer camp is not shown.

 In view of the submission of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union in the above matter, it is stated that the resignation application for deputation of CRC Co.O has been ratified hereby and  Make the selection and take necessary action.  But until a CRC COO is appointed for this employee cluster, they will be given a CRC COO.  To continue in operation as.

World Yoga Day 21 Jun ni Ujavni Karva babat Letter 

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◆ Paripatra 2021 : Download

Today I have to tell you that, just like you, I am a Class 3 employee selected in the Gujarat Government's recruitment for 2012 and working in the Gujarat Government.  And just like you, I am a CPF employee of the Government of India in accordance with the rules of provident fund and pension.  (N.P.S.) benefits are available.

 Recently, a message has been circulating on WhatsApp.  In which PIL filed by a retired ISRO scientist.  The news about the newspaper was a slip of the news.  Seeing that, I wondered if the reality would be the same.  Have to enter.  In the same WhatsApp, the Chhattisgarh High Court recently ruled in favor of the CPF.  A landmark judgment has been announced for the conversion of employees into GPF, a copy of which has been circulated.  This judgment is not normal.

 Let me also tell you that according to a friend like you, there are four states in India, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Chhattisgarh, where CPF  GPF has been discontinued. The disadvantages of CPF employees as compared to GPF employees have been shown in a separate table.