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Mask na Paherva Ane Jaher ma Thunkva Par Dand Ange nu Jahernamu

Mask na Paherva Ane Jaher ma Thunkva Par Dand Ange nu Jahernamu

Intensive work is being carried out by the state government to fight Corona.  Under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, for the purpose of dealing with the effects of Corona virus Covid-19 as well as the prevention and control of the disease.  "The Gujarat Epidemic Regulation 2020" has been implemented from the declaration of 13/03/2020.

 In order to prevent the spread of the disease by the state government, a person who does not wear a face mask or his face is not covered with any kind of clothes in public places and work places as well as during vehicle transactions should be informed by the Home Department.  From the declaration dated 30/05/2020, Rs.  200 / - as well as Rs.  A penalty of Rs. 200 / - has been provided.

 3.  Status and name of Corona by State Government.  As per the instruction of the High Court, instead of the provision of different amount of fine for non-wearing of mask by different authorities, provision has been made to provide a uniform penalty in the entire state which is followed by increasing the amount of fine in the whole state to Rs.1000 / -.  This declaration is applicable from 11/08/2020.  The powers to levy penalty in this regard will remain the same as per the declaration dated 15/06/2020-GP / 20 / NCP / 102020 / SFS-1G.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name.

Subject: 30-40 STEM Online Weekly Program Matter.  To state under the above subject that I.I.T.  , Gandhinagar and IISER.  , Pune has started an online weekly program called 20-20 STEM.  The purpose of this program is to enliven the classroom by knowing the features of mathematics and science attached to the curriculum.  The program will try to overcome the fear of subject suffixes through interesting stories connected with the subject of mathematics and science.

 Questions asked by teachers during the program will also be answered.  Respect.  The program has been launched by the Minister of Education (Government of India) by tweeting.  Teacher friends will have to register for this program 004211872 42.  This program is completely free.  The program, which will start on August 14, will be held at IIT every Sunday from 4 to 5 pm for 20 weeks.  , Will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of "Center for Creative Learning" in Gandhinagar

  There will be 2-3 questions in the description of the video of each program.  Teachers who submit answers to all week program questions will be given a certificate for this training by Samagra Shiksha, Gandhinagar.  In view of the above details, all the teachers of Mathematics and Science subjects of Std. 9 to 12 of all the schools under your jurisdiction are asked to be encouraged to participate in this program.

Mask na Paherva Ane Jaher ma Thunkva Par Dand Ange nu Jahernamu