CORONA QUIZ, Answer in Coronavirus Google Form and get your certificate

Corona virus Antargat Google Form ma Questions na Answer Aapi ne Melavo Tamaru Certificate PDF Download. Corona Exam - Questions Answers

Corona Questions and Answers Options

Question-1 : COVID -19 IS A
Options : Becteria, Insect, Virus, Fungi

Question-2 : covid -19 was first Disese in
Options: india, italy, america, china

Question-3 : covid-19 common syndoms are
Options: fever, tiredness, Dry cough, all of above

Question-4 : The incubationn period for covid-19 is
Options: 1-10 Days, 3-4 Days, 1-14 Days, 5-6 Days

Question-5 : Chloroquine was treatment for
Options: Swine flue, Dengue, Malaria, chickenpox

Question-6 : 2020 corona viruas lockdown in india Janta cerfew on date
Options: 20 march, 21 march, 22 march, 23 march, Other

Question-7 : Name a clinical trial in which blood is transfused from recovered COVID-19 patient toa coronavirus patient who is in critical condition 
Options: Plasma Therapy, solidarity, Remedesivir, Hydroxychlocorine

Options: True, False

Question-9 : Is there vaccine available for a novel corona virus now?
Options: Yes, NO

Question-10 : next date of lockdown period till then is
Options: 17 july, 17 August, 17 may, 17 june

CORONA QUIZ, Answer in Coronavirus Google Form and get your certificate

Novel Corona Virus ne Niyantran ma Lavava Babat Samanya vahivat vibhag no Letter. Rs.500 / - will be credited to the account holder's bank account by the Government of India. Under the Prime Minister's Jan Dhan Yojana, this amount will be given to the people during the lockdown.

At a time when the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic has declared a nationwide lockdown, working-class people are struggling to eat and drink. The relief has been announced by the government so that he can get financial help at such times. Under this scheme Jandhan account holders will be given Rs.500 per month. Check out more information below. The government has also started sending a second installment of Rs 500 to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries under Mahila Jandhan Yojana.

Gujarat Pensionero ni Varshik Hayati ni Kharai May Mahina ne Badle Jun ma Karva Babat Nana Vibhag no Letter 29/04/2020. 

Matter of verifying the annual survival of pensioners for the year 2020 in June instead of May.

 The Government of Gujarat has decided to verify the annual survival of the pensioners of the State Government in the month of May by the resolution of the Finance Department.  If survival cannot be verified in May, exemption is granted till July.  Provision has been made to defer payment of pension amount in case of pensioner failing to prove his / her survival during this period.

 A lockdown has been implemented by the government to control the Koro epidemic.  Therefore, it was under the consideration of the Government to change the period for verification of survival so that the pensioners do not have difficulty in verifying their annual subsistence.

 Resolution: After careful consideration, it is decided to verify the annual survival of the pensioners in June instead of May.  In addition, pensioners who cannot verify survival in June can also verify survival in July and August.  In addition, Pensioners / Family Pensioners of the State Government can also verify their online survival on the Jeevan Pramaan Portal

CORONA QUIZ, Answer in Coronavirus Google Form and get your certificate

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