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Covid-19 Antargat Sarkari Karmachario ni Kacheri ma Hajri Babat Samanya Vahivat Vibhag no GR

નોવેલ કોરોના વાઈરસ ( Covid - 19 ) ના સંક્રમણને નિયંત્રણમાં લાવવા લેવાના થતાં નિવારાત્મક પગલાંઓ અંતર્ગત સરકારી કર્મચારીઓની કચેરીમાં હાજરી બાબત, Date- 30/04/2021

Regarding preventive measures to control the transmission of Novel Coronavirus (Covid - 19).  Government of Gujarat General Administration Department Circular No.: Perch - 106060 - 501 - Secretariat, Gandhinagar, dated 30/06/2071 Read: (1) Circular of the same number of this department dated 19/06/2011. 

 (2) Circular of the same number of this department dated 6/06/2071 of the same number (2) Two circulars of the Home Department dated 7/06/2071 No. V-1 / Kavi / 102010/3  From the circular against the order (1) and (2) read above as part of taking precautionary measures to prevent the transmission of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) contagious disease to all the officers / employees on duty in all government / semi-government / board / corporation offices.  Necessary instructions have been circulated for the period from 15/06/2021 to 20/09/2021.  .

  In the meantime, in view of the prevailing situation of Corona, it has been decided to limit the attendance of employees in Government / Semi-Government Office, Board / Corporation to 50% in view of the prevailing situation of Corona by two orders of the Home Department against the order (2) taken in the above reading.  .  

Infection of the novel Corona virus (Covid - 19) can be controlled by the state government.  For that purpose, following instructions are given in the public interest from 01/09/2071 to 15/06/2071 to continue government offices with essential / immediate service with 50% staff.  .  

Arrangements should be made to ensure that up to 50% staff is present in the offices of the Heads of Administrative Departments and Departments of the State Government, Semi-Government, Board / Corporation in respect of officers / employees.  Other officers / employees will have to work from home as well as be available on mobile phone and e-mail.  

However, all the necessary staff should be present so that there is no hindrance in the delivery of public service.  Person with disabilities and pregnant women employees will not be required to be called on duty in the offices other than the offices associated with the essential / immediate service of the State Government.  But such employees work from home.  Will have to do.  - - - - - 04201

 All government offices will be closed on Saturday-Sunday till 15/06/2021.  Social Distances should be maintained at each workplace in relation to the presence of employees / officers in the office.  

The Survey Administration Department is advised to make maximum use of the video conferencing facility, avoiding face-to-face meetings, meetings etc. of the officers to prevent the transmission of Novel Corona virus (Covid-19).

 Considering the transmission of Novel Corona virus (Covid-19) virus, maximum correspondence can be done on government e-mail, arrangements should be made by the survey department accordingly.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name,

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