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Covid-19ની સાંપ્રત પરિસ્થિતિમાં રાજયની તમામ શાળાઓના સ્ટાફ દ્વારા જનજાગૃતિ અભિયાન ચલાવવા બાબત

In the current situation of Covid-19, the matter of conducting public awareness campaign by the staff of all the schools of the state.  Reference: - Guidance given by the Hon'ble Governor to the teachers of the state through Bayseg on 9/06/2011. 

Sir, to inform the research on the above subject that the Hon'ble Governor, in the presence of Hon'ble Minister of Education, on 2/09/2071, in the current situation of covid-19, has provided educational, non-academic staff of all primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in the state.  And addressed from the program of Pathdarshan.  Hon'ble Governor and Hon'ble Minister (Education) has given guidance to all the school families in the state to help the society in the current situation of covid-19. 

In this critical time of epidemic, if the people of the state get the true understanding and remedial action to prevent coronary infection through students and parents, strictly implement the guidelines issued by the government starting from the family to the students studying in the school and through their parents.  , Public education can be a big job. 

The Hon'ble Governor and Hon'ble Minister for Education said that if the various steps taken by the Government in this regard are informed, it will have a positive impact on the people of the society.  Her research is requested to see that the following steps are taken by all school family

Steps to be taken by the school family: (1) In the current situation, doctors, paramedical staff, police department, cleaners, 108, Dhanwantari Rath and other ambulance staff working as Frontline Warriors for the last one year as well as other Frontline Warriors who worried their family day and night. 

Without contributing to society.  Let's give mental warmth to the families of such frontline warriors as well as help them in their needs.  (2) Public education by students through telephone and webinar.  1. Explain to the family members as well as the people of the society / village not to go out of the house without work.  2. Explain to the family members as well as the people of the society / village not to go out of the house without a mask. 

3. Explain to the family members as well as the people of the society / village to take care of keeping social distance if they have to go out in unavoidable circumstances.  4. Explain to the family members as well as the people of the society / village to wash their hands frequently with soap.  

5. Explain the postponement of social events except those which are absolutely unavoidable and also give the understanding that if the event is to be held, it should be organized by following the guideline of coVID-19.  6. To motivate the student to implement the above instructions himself and through each member of his family.

To give an understanding on how to implement the guideline of covid-19 by consulting through WhatsApp or webinar on the available mobile number of students and / or parents.  Perform the above procedure regularly and periodically.  Let's try to make this process successful and easy by contacting the students who are currently studying in the school. 

(3) To coordinate with the local self-governing bodies and their members of the place of duty and place of residence by the members of the school family to carry out the work of imparting public education in every village properly following the guideline of covid-19  (2) At present people above the age of 5 years are given free vaccine by the State Government.  Explain to take advantage of it, let us know the places for it.

The Government is launching a campaign to provide vaccine against corona to all persons above the age of 18 years from the day of establishment of Gujarat on 01/09/2071 without any cost.  All concerned are requested to inform and motivate. 

(2) Each primary school has its own SMC.  Deliver this to the members of the committee.  In their village they try to get involved in the preaching work.  If the whole family is home quarantine, patients admitted in the local hospital and any patient in the village or city in need of food etc., the donors should contact the NGO and coordinate for the necessary arrangements.

(3) Contact the office bearers of the state, district or taluka organization through webinar in this regard and request them to take the lead in this campaign.  In addition, in the event of an epidemic, the Municipal Commissioner, Collector, PHC  , C.H.C.  , T.D.O.  Arrangements can be made to stay in touch with the Mamlatdar and help the teacher friends as part of the service where necessary.  

(2) In the case of COVID-19, the entire instruction and monitoring process reaches the entire teacher friends through telephone, video conference and if necessary action is taken by them to prevent the transition to the society, we will be considered to have given necessary cooperation to control the epidemic.  

Apart from the above, it is appealed to take steps to bring public awareness to prevent the transmission of corona.  All friends are expected to lead the way as a teacher in times of crisis.  Good luck with your survey.