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Gujarat Health Department announces to declare Mukarmycosis (Black Fungus) as an epidemic

મ્યુકરમાઇકોસીસ (બ્લેક ફંગસ) ને મહામારી જાહેર કરવા બાબત.
◆ ગુજરાત સરકાર આરોગ્ય વિભાગનો ઓફિસિયલ પરિપત્ર  22/05/2021નો જાહેર

Gujarat Health Department announces to declare Mukarmycosis (Black Fungus) as an epidemic

Details માર્ગદર્શીકા અહિથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

ગુજરાતીમાં સંપુર્ણ માહિતી વાંચો

મ્યુકોરમાઇકોસીસ બીમારી વિશે વધુ ગુજરાતીમાં જાણો

Gujarat Health Department announces to declare Mukarmycosis (Black Fungus) as an epidemic

Government of Gujarat Department of Health and Family Welfare Secretariat, Gandhinagar Dt.  Found.  During the treatment of these patients, some patients were found to be infected with eukaryomycosis (black fungus) as part of the side effects. 

Considering the prevailing situation of this disease, as a side effect of corona or other forms of mucorrhoea, the disease is declared as Notifiable Disease in the entire state till the implementation of Gujarat Epidemic Disease Regulation-2020 under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 18.  

Therefore, all the private as well as government hospitals in the state and the doctors who are diagnosing and treating this disease will have to follow the guidelines of the State Government and the Government of India from time to time.  

Also, on a daily basis, the Chief District Health Officer / Health Officer of the concerned district / corporation should inform the corporation about this disease.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name,

No. 8: Commissioner, Health, Medical Services and Medical Education Khablok no.  3/1.  Dr. Jivraj Mahaita Bhavan, Gandhinagar-3201p, 04/2001 Per, (1) Municipal Committee Mifi1pads) 1. Mama (3) District Collector Shri Tamam (3) Medical Superintendent Shri Government GMERS  How are you?  (2) Chief District Medical Officer cum Civil Surgeon Mr. Tama, Introduction The number of cases of Mutormycosis in the state is increasing day by day.  

This is a type of Fungal Infection that is seen in patients with coviD-19 during treatment and is also seen as Post Covid Complicaion in patients who have recovered.  Patients with coVID-19 who have diabetes, HIV infection, or who have been given steroids for a long time are more likely to have the infection.  In] to treat such patients. 

 Liposomal Amphoterican B is given.  The availability of this drug in the market is also very low.  Due to this, government as well as private hospitals are having a lot of trouble in treating the patients, the treatment in the private hospitals of the state is ltly.  

The following policy is formulated to make Liposomal Amphoterican B available at reasonable rates.  Policy (1) Injury to Mucornycosis patients undergoing treatment in private hospitals in the State.  Liposormal Amphotericin B can be made available at a reasonable price from the state's Annexure-A wise hospitals.  

The amount of Liposomal Arnphotericin B should also be allocated to patients undergoing treatment in a private hospital at a cost.  (3) Patients seeking treatment in private hospitals should contact the Annexure-A wise hospitals from the private hospital.  And Annexure - A wise hospitals through them to private hospitals Inj.  The following documents have to be verified for allotment of tiposornal Amphotericin B.  

(A) Detailed case details of the admitted patient (doctor's prescription (actually) as well as case history sheet) (b) Copy of the patient's Aadhaar card (s) Mucormycosis of relatos (d) Letter of recommendation from the treating doctor  Tiposomal Amphoterican B distribution and supply chain management will be the responsibility of the health department of the corporation and they will also have to verify the above documents.  

(1) Annexure A becomes Hil / P4 |  In this case, a decision will be taken by forming a committee to verify the above documents of the needy patients.  

(2) After they verify the documents, the group of "Ruri In Liposumill Amphateritin B" was sent to private hospitals by Gujarat Medical Services Corporation Ltd.  (Annexure - B) Current Hr Inj through GMSCL.  

Liposomal Amphotericin B 2 521 289) och 28124521 This amount (Annexure - C) should be credited to the account of GMSC office.  Inj by Civil Hospitals.  A separate register of stock and distribution and details of Liposomal Amphoteric in B shall be maintained and maintained. 

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