50% Shikshako ni Hajri Ane Ghare thi Home Teaching Karva Babat Rajya Shikshak Sangh ni Rajuat

Prathmik Shalao ma Covid-19 ni sthiti ne karane 50% Shikshako ni Hajri Ane Ghare thi Home Teaching Karva Babat Rajya Shikshak Sangh ni Rajuat no letter

Prathmik Shikshako na 9/20/31 Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran ni Darkhast 31.08.2020 Ni Sthitie Mokalva Babat Jamnagar Jilla no Paripatra

Higher salary standard scheme for teachers has been implemented by the resolution of finance department as per the above subject and reference letter-1.  The Gujarat State Service Pay Reform Rules 2016 have been issued from the declaration of the Finance Department as per the above reference letter-2 accepted by the State Government on the recommendation of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.  

As a result of this pay reform from Reference Letter-3, ancillary changes have been made in the existing higher pay scale scheme.  As mentioned in issue no. B, the teachers have to pay the first, second and third higher pay scale in 9th, 20th and 31st year as per eligibility under higher salary standard scheme as per Resolution No. Salary of Finance Department - 1194-45-M dated 16/08/1994

Subject: - Due to the extreme contagion of Corona epidemic, the primary school teachers of the state should be taught online from home or called to school with 50% attendance as per rotation. Hon'ble Mr. Jayabharat.  Is closed and online education is on.  The epidemic is currently hampering transportation to the villages, and the transition among teachers is on the rise.  Currently, along with the Corona epidemic, the amount of heat is also increasing a lot.  The heat is also affecting health as schools are closed at noon. 

Title of the document

50% Shikshako ni Hajri

 Most of the sisters are working in primary schools.  Given the partial relief given to the teacher's interest in this difficult situation, we demand that 50% of the teachers be called to the school by arranging for online teaching from home or by rotation system as the online teaching work is going on at present.

શાળા ખુલે એટલે શિક્ષકોને ઓડ ઈવન મુજબ 50 % સ્ટાફ સાથે બોલાવવા બાબત
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