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30 Jan 2019

Banaskantha : Jillafer camp seniority list 2019 (palanpur)

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Jillafer camp 2019, Jilla badli camp 2019 All GR. & Seniority list, Prathmik shikshako ni badli camp date, place, time and seniority list here.

Jillafer camp 2019 date & teachers list
Jillafer order, jillafer 2019 teachers name vise order
Jilla badli mate na all  paripatra
Prathmik shikshako ni jillafer badli camp babate gr Very imp date for jillfer camp 2019
Jillafer mate seniority babat na agatya na gr, Jillafer maate na badli mate na shixako na order

Jilla badli camp 2019 mate tamam jilla gr (paripatra)  ane vividh jilla na agatya na gr tatha jilla fer maate seneriority list in pdf 

Banaskantha : Jillafer camp seniority list 2019 (palanpur)
  • Subject : Jillafer camp
  • Banaskantha (palanpur) jilla shikshan samiti
  • Year - 2016-17 ni yadi mujab
  • Std - 1 to 5 & 6 to 8
Applying to go to Banaskantha District from other districts of Gujarat, District Change changed seniority list New Social Science / Languages / Maths ScienceUseful for teachers requesting to go to Anand district from other district, A list of teachers of social science / language and mathematics science

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Download Rajkot Jillafer camp Letter, Teachers List & khali jagya List
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