PRAGNA KAKKO, STD 1-2 Pragna New Pravrutti File : pragna material

STD 1-2 Pragna New Pravruti File, Mate useful.
Pragna Abhigam :
Pragna Abhigam Etle "pravruti dvara gyan" (pravruti Adharit shikshan Abhigam)

For Education Many programs like DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL are being run across the country to ensure education. As a result of these programs, in the last decade, there has been substantial improvement among children enrolled for primary level more than education in childrens. Even though he has worked hard and worked hard to bring the level of education up and down, he still has to spend much longer in order to fully complete this approach.
PRAGNA KAKKO, STD 1-2 Pragna New Pravrutti File
PRAGNA KAKKO, STD 1-2 Pragna New Pravrutti File
The main purpose of adopting the Pragnya Abhigam approach :

  • This approach gives children the opportunity to learn education at their own pace and His level.
  • Provides a platform for learning through experience for childrens.
  • Teachers and colleagues offer opportunities to learn togethers.
  • This approach provides an opportunity for the children's to open up the various fields of project work and outdoor learning.
  • Children are given the opportunity to provide stress free continuing education.
  • Through this approach, the child is taught how to study the study.
  • Learning of any kind of stressless learning is done through this pragna method.
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