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Dhoran 2 Bija Tabakka na (29-30 April) Antim Mulyankan Babat

Dhoran 2 Bija Tabakka na (29-30 April) Antim Mulyankan Babat

Subject: The final assessment of the second phase of the second phase (April 29-30)

 In the above mentioned subject matter, consider the following details regarding the final evaluation of standard 2 
1. Final evaluation of Phase II Will be held during 29 - 30 April 2019. 
2. Training of external assessors Held between April 24 and 25. The Baha Appraisers will do this as soon as they have taken this training. 
3. This letter has been given in Gujarati and Mathematics tests. Each external evaluation car will have to be printed out in the seal cover of these tests. This cover is to be opened in the school and only in the presence of principal teacher / incharge Acharya of the school. Each evaluation car will also have to provide a copy of the evaluation sheet per student of both subjects. 
4. Due to completion of the test, data is to be entered by an external evaluator. 
5. Tue External evaluation trials that take place between May 1 - 2 May be sent from now onwards. Thanks Co, 

BETA: Standard 2 - Gujarati and Mathematics Tests

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