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Uchhtar Pagar Dhoran 9/20/31 Ange No Letest GR. Dist-Jamnagar 2019

Uchhtar Pagar Dhoran 9/20/31 Ange No Letest GR. Dist-Jamnagar 2019

Subject: Regarding sending proposals of 9/2/31 higher salary norms of primary teachers. Range; 1, Deputy Secretary, Resolution No. of the Department of Finance: P / 10201 F - US. O - 121 (22 - 5), dt. 01/06 / 201e 2. Resolution No. of the Department of Education: PR / 6 1201 7) Suvav file - 5 28/03 2019. In the fifteenth session of the subject matter and reference-6, necessary adjustments have been made to be made under the pay revision at the recommendation of the pay commission. Take the medicines that Gujarat State Service Salary Improvement Rules - 201 6th. 01 201 6 has been implemented by notification in some. As a result of this pay improvement, the implementation of the high pay scale has been done in ancillary program. This scheme has been implemented in places where the level of advancement does not exceed the level of pay-matriculation of the Gujarat State Service Salary Improvement Rules - 2012, in the supplementary salary structure, in which seven primary teachers are given the salary of the Finance Department. - 12e4 - 5 - m, dt. According to the 16 / 08th of 1994, the eligibility of the e-metric level according to the corresponding level in the revised pay structure in the first, the second and third higher pay scale, according to the eligibility of the higher pay scale plan, is to keep an eye on the level of e-matriculation. | According to the resolution of Education Department, "Under section 2, the salary of the primary teachers for the salary of the payer will be increased for the consideration of the seniority, higher pay scale and the retirement payable at the time of retirement, as well as the salary payable by the pay scale, No For the full period up to 36to3 / 2019, the salary, salary and any difference of the difference will not be levied in cash or in any other way, this period will be valued as a national. Also, any such increment for the service of this fixed-to-service service will also be considered for no purpose. And the primary teachers who are present on the current date

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