NOC has closed. Any vehicle can transfer any RTO anywhere | RTO NOC new Rules Letter 2019

NOC has closed. Any vehicle can transfer any RTO anywhere

NOC new Rules Letter 2019
Letter about tightening of the notice of cancellation of the provision of No Certificates (NOC)

According to the new rules, R.T.O. How to Transfer a Vehicle?
In the above subject matter, let us state that, presently the whole state. Sister 4 software is implemented in which all the data recorded in the state is digitized. All the vehicles implemented in the Vans4 software are available online. All vehicles data von 8 Available on the portal and details of the pending memos of all vehicles, online verification can be easily made available in e-currency software. Thus, in the case of change of ownership / address change in the Gujarat State of Gujarat,

prior permission for non-demand certificate is not asked to be strictly implemented.

NOC new Rules : 

(1) Such vehicles registered in the district of Gujarat State have to be implemented in order to transact in other district. In other states, the provision for getting transfer of vehicle in NOC form 28 is in force, which should be noted.
(2) The vehicles which have data in Vehicle 4 will have to implement.
(3) The first bellogge of the vehicle which does not have data of the vehicles in Vehicle 4, after which the office interacted and there is no pending DA case pending on the vehicle, and the work will be done to verify that no other balance is left. But in any case do not insist the applicant to take NDC.
(4) Every office has its own d. The case will have to be executed in e-currency module and In case of 31/05/19 any DA case is to be sent in the currency module and the certificate will not be sent.

RTO New Rules 2019
Special appearance Office of the Officer Transport Officer, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar