Gunotsav 2.0 : School Accreditation Angeni Kamgiri Mate Sahyogio Pasand Karva Mateni Kasoti Babat Paripatra

Gunotsav 2.0 : School Accreditation Angeni Kamgiri Mate Sahyogio Pasand Karva Mateni Kasoti Babat Paripatra 2019

Gunotsav 2019 :
A test case for choosing associates in the context of the performance of the 20 School Accreditation . . .

Respect The Secretary (Primary - Secondary Education), under the approval of a single file of Secondary Education, in the context of the subject matter, that, for the state government's primary school, Gunotsav, 2. Aditiation Framework is prepared on the progression of the Hull. A list of persons who can be associated with this work, According to this list, according to this list, the primary education office has been obtained from you Out of the other persons, the criteria for selection of associates that can be availed of in the above mentioned activity is planned at the district education and training hall of your district on 20/05/2016 at 12:00 pm in the afternoon. At times, you are asked to report / order to be present at your level for the test. There is currently a list of vacancies in schools in the state. Any person in the locality is in his native district, and if he wants to be present in the respective list related to his native village, then he will be able to test accordingly, but for this he will not be able to get the GCL E-Pail On 18/05/2019 must be reported beforehand. The test will be presented in the present. Regarding the rule of law, a . And d. Diet Principal will be required to cooperate in the relevant district

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