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Aniyamit Balakone Sudharva Rajya sarkar Valio mate Chalavse Abhiyan - News by Gujarat

Primary schools na 9 Lakh Students Aniyamit - News by Gujarat

Aniyamit Balakone Sudharva Rajya sarkar Valio mate Chalavse Abhiyan

5 Lakh Balako Ati Aniyamit Ane 4 lakh Balako Aniyamit Rahe che akha Gujarat Rajya ni Primary schoolo ma

Campaign to improve 5 million highly irregular, 4 lakh irregularities

The government has taken care of the guardians of 9 lakh children in the mud

Teachers, CRCs, BRCs, officers are assigned the responsibility

News | The presence of primary school students has been taken online by the state government for the past five months, in which five lakh irregular and four lakh irregular children were found guilty of regular schooling.Is there. The government has set a special target for admission of children to regularize irregular children. Apart from this, primary school teacher, CRC, BRC besides admission festival The officers have given responsibility to the school. She held a meeting with the parents of irregular children and her offspringThe school is irregular because of why the responsibility of officers is irregularly done on any other activity, the school will negotiate with the guardian of the matter, including the fact that their child is irregular. If the child does not come after this then its action plans will be decided on how to proceed.

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