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C.R.C., B.R.C. Co The epidemic of technology-based monitoring provided to the Ordinator tablet.

As you are able, most of the information from the state level, as well as child tracking, results of exams, std. 2 Diagnostic tests, online presence of teachers and students etc. are being done online for effective monitoring through technology, and for the preservation of time. Hence, working at the level of the foundation at the school level R . C. Co Ordinator and B. R . C. Co Ordinator who regularly Attending school is trying for quality accretion. State c. R . C. Co Ordinator and B.C. Co Provided the tablet to the auditor, p. A 2-step Monitoring application based on this, is planned to make schools effective, monetary in the medium of holistic development through technology. The straight warrior command and control line will be run by the rate.

For the technology-based monitoring of the above mentioned works, R . C. B. RC Ko Ordie 2 will be allocated with this number - 1 number wise Tablet will be allocated. Your District Mem I S. Co Ordinator District Project Office - Bhandh Nagar, Sector - 12 to Dt. On completion of the program to be held on 9th 06th 019 at the chairmanship of Chief Minister (4pm on Thursday), stay away from the tablet delivery. J a r gi, c, r, c - b. R . C. Co For the effective use of tablet distribution and tablet for the ordinator, operations are carried out as follows: 1. Jiffy After getting the tablet's delivery at the level, I S. Co Continue to distribute tablet vaccine, order - BRC, or ordinator immediately through the ordinator. . 2. C. R . C - B. R . C. Co For the delivery of the ordinator tablets, along with this approach, the signature is signed / signed by a river district MIS. Co Give an orderinator and one

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