Pragna Mega Material 2019-20 || Pragna varg 1-2 Matenu Tamam Sahitya Ane Material

Pragna Mega Material 2019-20 || Pragna varg 1-2 Matenu Tamam Sahitya Ane Material

PRAGNA ABHIGAM : - So, "Gyan by activity" (Activity based education approach)

  Many programs like DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL are run to ensure the education of the entire country. As a result of these programs, there have been significant changes and improvements in elementary education since the last few years. In a decade, children admitted to primary level education have also improved significantly. Even though the Indian government has worked hard and has worked hard to bring an improvement in the level of education, yet it is still a big fact to cut the long-cherished approach to fully comprehend this approach.
Some important things should be ...
Pragna Mega Material 2019-20

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Pragna Mega Material 2019-20 || Pragna varg 1-2 Matenu Tamam Sahitya Ane Material, Pragna Varg Aayojan : 2019-20, Pragna Varg Ayojan (Ganit) : 2019-20, Pgagna TLM (Ganit) : 2019-20, Pragna Samuh Karya (Ganit) : 2019-20, Pragna Samuh Karya (Gujarati) : 2019-20, Pragna Notebook - STD 1 & 2 : 2019-20, Pragna Basic Mahiti : 2019-20, Pragna Karyapranali Paripatra (Note) : 2019-20, Pragna Samaj Patra - pdf file : 2019-20, Pragna TLM List (STD 1-2) : 2019-20, Pragna STD 1-2 Varshik Ayojan // Ganit Ayojan : 2019-20

Whenever you think about the primary school primary school, you can imagine the teacher's teaching in the classroom as follows.
  • Do not disturb the child's discrimination between the child and the child in the classroom or do not disturb any kind of development for the children.
  • It is assumed by a large class in our country that all children will be taught at the same time and one and the same type of education. This is just one of the biggest mistakes.
  • Really proper steps are not taken to improve different casteist and versatile systems in the classroom.
  • Various materials for teaching are used as common materials for everyone.
  • Any material / materials that were made to educate till now have not been prepared to give self education.
  • The methods of education taught to our children are evaluated only by examinations performed by the child in mathematical terms.
This campaign has been implemented in order to make the purpose of Pragna Approach (Activity Based Education Approach) worthwhile to improve the problems shown in the order of each of the above. All the activities taught in the classroom will be given holistic and interesting education to the children in the coming years.

Pragna Mega Material 2019-20

➠ Pragna Varg Aayojan : 2019-20
➠ Pragna Student Profile : PDF FILE || MS WORD FILE
➠ Pgagna TLM (Ganit) : 2019-20
➠ Pragna TLM List (STD 1-2) : 2019-20
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