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How to Download Gunotsav Teachers Grade and School Certificate | Resat Gunotsav password

How to Download Gunotsav Teachers Grade and School Certificate | Resat Gunotsav password

Gunotsav 8 2018 Teacher Grade Declared Now Download your Grade Certificate 
Gunotsav 8 result, school certification, teacher certificate, student vies get result - official site is available on gunotsav.org. standard information
Every year, the results of the Gunotsav and its results in Gujarat state are given in the form of a certificate. Each school can download its property from the school certificate online portal, every teacher can download their class teacher certificate. Also, you can also get a visual alert.
gunotsav 8 Result, School certificate, Teacher Gred Certificate, Gunotsav school Report card

How to Download Gunotsav School Certificate?
  • Going to the gunotsav.org website
  • Select the district and the taluka
  • Now the list of all the schools in the taluka will show. See your school name in it
  • Click on the name of the school - the school certificate will be downloaded.


Gunotsav 1 to 8 All certificates : Another way to download school certificates
  • Going to the gunotsav.org website
  • Clicking login will open login for admin
  • Login to the school's Dise Code and Password
  • Now you can see the list of every Gunotsav. You can download any of these Gunotsav certificates.

(If you forgot the password for your school password, then you can reset the taluka mis.) 
All educational and physical achievements of the school are scrutinized by the teachers (school self assessment) under the Gunotsav and by the external evaluation by the officials (assessed by the official). . In addition, detailed levels of detailed diagnosis assessment are carried out at the sample level by all the districts for Class 3, 5, 7 and 9, to collect data on the scientific achievements of scientific achievement by the training evaluators. Students are misunderstood by research students' interviews. EI on a sampling basis to check the effectiveness of the schools passing through the entire Gujarat state. Inspection by trainers is done. The creation of state evaluation workshops for all employees of the state and the district, developing new skills in the evaluation and use of students, is part of the Post Analysis and Promoting Workshops project for teachers to include data analysis for teachers and information in classroom studies.

Gunotsav 8 Official Result and School Certificate

How to Download Gunotsav report card 2018 :  for CRC

  • Now first go to gunotsav site www.gunotsav.org
  • Click on main menu and see Officer corner
  • Then option it click here
  • Enter your CRC Cluster code  and password
  • For Example : ID= crc dies code
  •    Like   c24110xxxxx
  • Password :  your set password (By default password  gun789)
  • Wen you Login in your Account
  • See gunotsav 1 to 8 link
  • Its done Then Download your report card.

Important Link To Download Gunotsav Report Card 2018 : 


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