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NMMS Scholarship Antargat Teleconference Jova babat Letter, 20.07.2019

NMMS Scholarship Antargat Teleconference Jova babat Letter, 20.07.2019

Conference Date : 25/07/2019
Time : 11:30 to : 13:00

Rajya Parixa Board (SEB) Dvara Ayojit NMMS Scholarship Antargat Yojanar 25.07.2019 no Bisag Karyakram Jova babat

Topic: Ta Regarding watching the teleconference organized by Rouge on 9/1/8.

On the subject of the State Examination Board (SEB) organized by the State Examination Board, the Government of India webportal has been prepared to facilitate the payment of scholarship amount through Domestic Benefit Transfer (DBT) so that it can be easily and expedited in the students' bank account. Proposal for scholarship of beneficiary students of the year - 2010 - 20 of the state's NMMS scheme will be proposed on National Scholarship Portal.

The nodal officer was successfully appointed by the examination board at the district level for this function last year. Taking into account the changes in the methodology of operations this year, the required guidance on this is dated 25/07/2017. 30 hours to 13 A teleconferencing has been organized by Bisegaon for 00 hours, so that the above teleconference is being done by all the Principal of your school, the Techie Enthusiastic Teacher, C. R . C. Co O B. R . C. Co Auditors, Talukas, and Zilita Nodal and TBEOSri are requested to inform you of their suggestion to watch this teleconference.

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