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PRATHMIK SHALA VILINIKARAN NITI : Primary School Marge karva Niti Nakki karva babat GR 2011

PRATHMIK SHALA VILINIKARAN PARIPATEA : Primary School Marge karva Niti Nakki karva babat GR 2011

Prathmik Shala Vilinikaran GR, Primary School Marge Paripatra, Primary school Marge Niti - Vilinikaran Niti For Primary schools

Primary school marge karva babat news Report, 23/07/2019
Right to free and compulsory education of the children of the Government of India under the Right to Education Act-1 and Gujarat Educational Law (Amendment) Act-2. With a resolution of 1-3-8, the standard of primary education in the state is divided into two sections - primary education and standard 1 to 5 higher education. There are 3 primary schools in the state with less than 1 student. Out of them, there are 3 primary schools with less than five students. There are 3 primary schools with less than 1 student and there are 3 primary schools with less than 5 students, with standard 1 to 3 or standard 3. Some of these primary schools are also in the urban area but most of the primary schools are in rural areas. Due to the policy of providing at least some teachers in such primary schools, the best use of teachers cannot be done. The money used to provide the infrastructure needed for each primary school in a single village is not optimally utilized as a result of which the concerned village students do not get enough benefits. Therefore, it was under the consideration of the Government to merge the primary schools with a small number of elementary schools in close proximity to the village. The Government has given adult consideration in this regard and it has been decided to implement the following policy for the merger of primary schools where it deems necessary.

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