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Schools in Gujarat | List of Primary Schools in Gujarat pdf | Best Schools in Gujarat Schools

Schools in Gujarat | List of Primary Schools in Gujarat pdf | Best Schools in Gujarat Schools

Here are the district wise list of schools in Gujarat.

Gujarat State All Schools UDISE Code Number PDF Download

This pdf file contains information about 40938 schools of Gujarat in a total of 585 pages. The list of these schools in the state of Gujarat is very useful for all teachers - principal and crc - brc. It is easy to get information about a school in any district. Taluka Wise Schools of each district can be viewed as well as on the basis of school Aadhaar number - school name, physical facilities of the school, total students, standards of schooling, staff of the school teachers.

Here Is...
All Gujarat Primary Schools List in pdf
Gujarat All District wise School List, You Can Find Here to All Detail About Gujarat State Any District Primary Schools

Like -
Total primary schools in Gujarat
Find Your School Adhar Dise Number
Gujarat Primary Teachers Information
Schools Name and Address
Find Schools and village Code
School nu Sthapana varsh 

Particularly useful for every teacher, principal and crc - brc

RDRathod.in The information about education and everything related to it is shared in this website.
Such as ...
   Useful information about the school - all the information required at the appropriate school level - information on matters like pay bill, monthly statement, daily book, income tax rolls and other useful documents), support diays, scholarships.
   ---> All information related to teachers, including all the circulars, shedding and leave rules, ccc, cpf and gpf and all other forms of education, besides ...
   The standard data for standard 1 to 8 has been included. It includes - textbooks of each standard, test paper, unit tests, different projects, various competitions, essay writing, every standard poems, video to learn, games and these With classroom schedules, learning difficulties, all these things ...
   ---> Information about various programs run at the school level, such as Meena Radio Program, School Cell, Encyclopedia Project, Student Scholarship Examination, NMMS, Picture, Jawahar Navodaya and all other examinations like ...
   ---> ICT (information comunication technology) information, computer, internet and technology information ...
   ---> Updates to government jobs and competitive exams, useful materials for all competitive exams ...

 All information related to above and information related to this is attached herein. This information is updated every day. You will be visiting the website RDRathod.in for the information you need

Download List of All Schools in Gujarat with address and details - District wise list

◆ આ પણ જુઓ : 👇👇👇

👉 ઓનલાઈન બદલી ફોર્મ કેમ ભરવુ ? તેની સ્ટેપ By સ્ટેપ માહિતી આપતી Pdf ફાઈલ (જૂની વેબસાઈટ મુજબ)

👉 અરજી ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે ઉમેદવારે ધ્યાનમાં રાખવાની સૂચનાઓ

👉 ઓનલાઇન બદલી ભરેલા ફોર્મનો નમૂનો

👉 ફોર્મ સાથે જોડવાના ડોક્યુમેન્ટનું લિસ્ટ

👉 ફોર્મ માટે જરૂરી તમામ શાળાના ડાયસકોડ સર્ચ કરો

👉 બદલી ફોર્મ ભરેલ હોય અને જો સ્થળ ના મળે તો ફરીથી ફોર્મ ભરી શકાય તેની માહિતી

👉 બદલી માટે પતિ પત્ની કેસ માટેના પ્રમાણપત્રનો નમૂનો

👉 બદલી કરેલ શિક્ષક કે વિદ્યાસહાયક સરકારની સૂચના અનુસાર વહીવટી કારણો સર છુટા કરવામાં વહેલું મોડું થાય તો શું ?

👉 બદલી અંગેના તમામ પરિપત્રોનું કલેકશન

👉 શિક્ષકને હાજર અને છુટા થવા માટેની અરજીનો નમૂનો

👉 ઓનલાઈન બદલી કેમ્પ 2021 માટેની તમામ જિલ્લાની ખાલી જગ્યાનું લીસ્ટ.

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