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GAS EXAM MODEL 2019 BY GCERT | Gujarat Achievement Survey (GAS) Margdarshika

GAS EXAM MODEL 2019 BY GCERT | Gujarat Achievement Survey (GAS) Margdarshika

GCERT, Gandhinagar Gujarat Achievement Survey - Gas (2018 - 19) Standard 4, 6 and 7 Field Investigator Test Management Module
  As per the permission of the Hon'ble Director on the branch of 06 - 09 - 19.  Mr. Speaker, it is to be stated that according to the above subject and reference, 
GAS School List 2019 For All District in Gujarat.
Gujarat Achievement Survey-2 (GAS-2) is going to be conducted in Std.  The main details of which are as follows.  (2) 15 schools have been selected per district standard 4, 6 and 7 talukas.  That is, according to the number of talukas in your district, the number of schools is selected in the number of 15 per taluka.  The number to be checked as well.

- Two schools in category 4, 6 schools in Y category and 7 schools in category Z have been selected as schools (as far as schools are available) according to the criteria specified. 

GAS Model Paper
 Otherwise the category vise numbers may vary.  But only fifteen schools per taluka are selected.  You have been sent a list of selected schools along with it in the excel sheet.  Whose Criteria is as follows.  - Only Gujarati medium government primary schools having grade 1, 6 and 7 are selected in the same school.  - Registered in standard 4, 6 or 7 in the school.  The number of schools with number 1 (five) or less than five is not included in the survey.

- For the district / district schools included in your diet in the list of schools sent to you, you have to verify the dala according to this criteria.  If there is a change in the number of students or any other change in the list sent to you, if there are less than five or five students per standard, if there is a medium school other than Gujarati medium or the selected school has been merged, please send it here with details. 

 If the selected school is not in accordance with this criteria, then select the same school according to the category of the canceled school till the close of the same taluka, as far as possible.  Report to the selected school as well.  Report the matter here as well.  - GAS sent to you for - 2 std.  4/6/7 district wise sample school (Excel file) delete the sheet of the district other than your district sheet and standardize the sheet in your district


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