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From January 20, banks are preparing to apply new charges, read imp news

From January 20, banks are preparing to apply new charges, read imp news

According to the latest news, banks in the pit of losses are now planning to rob customers.  Even if you withdraw money from the account, the bank will pay Rs.  It is being said that 10 will recover

How are Indian banks currently running at a loss?  It is not understood and continues to devise a scheme to rob customers by making such false excuses.  How much does the World Bank or other country banks charge against it?  It is also necessary to look

How American banks, African banks, Australian banks, Chinese banks, French banks, Russian banks or banks of all countries in the world are currently operating.  It's like understanding.  Find out the answer to why Indian banks are running the loss ...?

The public could never know what the Indian government was doing.  From time to time, big scams and news of loss have come and finally the people have to suffer.  People pay tax even though there is a tax on the purchase of something, buy or sell both, tax on consumers in case of loss to the banks, tax on the people even if the government starts a project or work.

Well, we can't change what works.  But the charges that banks are going to charge are not really worth it.  You can also see the news in Gujarat news in this regard from the link below.

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