HTAT - Head Teacher Transfers will now go online - latest news

HTAT - Head Teacher Transfers will now go online - latest news

 Internal district and district fair transfer camps will be held

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After 5 years, the rules for replacing the head teacher of primary school have been made.  In Ahmedabad, all the processes will go online, so that the maladies were arranged.  In the primary school of the state, the principal DPEO was forced to arrange about seven changes for his teacher (for the appointment of a principal.

  Applicable cannot be changed, the DEO process will be done online.  After the details uploaded online, a H-TAT pass will be made in the state for a three-person committee.  Replacement rules for teachers who have been transferred should be submitted after several changes and in other districts, namely, cross verification of details.  After seven years, District Change Camp will be held, though District Primary Education Officer, has been constituted.  Were.  In which a committee will be formed.  From now on, the committee will decide on its own through the DPEO to replace the head teacher.

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