Government employees now have to work 1 hour more. Central government prepares

Government employees now have to work 1 hour more. Central government prepares ...

Currently, government jobs have 8 hours of employment. When employees now have the ability to work 9 hours a day. According to a new draft prepared by the central government, the employees are recommended to work for nine hours. Which is currently 26 days after an 8-hour break.

The newly drafted draft has largely divided the country into 3 geographical categories to determine the old suggestion, remuneration.

Currently, the central government has drafted a new wage code. Accordingly, it is recommended for employees to make provision for working 9 hours instead of 8 hours. At present, employees are currently paid their salaries after 26 days of work under the 8 hour rule.

Government Employee Work Load Par Day Act.

 There is still no explanation for the minimum wage. Still in this draft, however, the Center has largely retained the old instructions. In order to determine their remuneration, the entire country has also been divided into 3 geographical categories. The Labor Ministry has also called for suggestions from all concerned parties within a month. The draft, announced by the central government, states that a committee of experts will be formed in the future. There will be a recommendation to the government on the issue of determining the minimum wage

The labor ministry's department at the center had also recommended a minimum wage of Rs 375 per day in January 2020. The panel also asked him to apply only from July 2018. However, it was also recommended to keep a minimum monthly salary of Rs 9,750.

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