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Masvar Ayojan std 1 (2022) | std 1 Masvar Varshik Ayojan by Alankar Publication

Masvar Ayojan std 1 (2019-20), std 1 Masvar Varshik Ayojan by Alankar Publication

Masvar Ayojan std 1 (2022) | std 1 Masvar Varshik Ayojan by Alankar Publication

Here is std 1 Masvar Dainik Aayojan for First And Second Semester (2022). new ncert Syllabus masvar Dainik - Varshik Aayojan, Created by Alankar Publication 
masvar ayojan

Masvar Varshik Aayojan std-1 (First Semester - Second Semester)

List of Evaluation Activities Monthly Annual Planning Personality Developmental Extracurricular Activities Types of Questions for Written Assessment Examine guidance and evaluation framework Grammar, dissertation and allocation of experiments Representative abilities / objectives for constructive evaluation
Perform the following assessment activities while teaching each subject.

masvar varshik ayojan std 1
masvar varshik ayojan std 1

Find the word in parentheses and fill in the blanks.

• Attach appropriate joints. 
• Check for true or false.
• List place names. 
• Symbol as instructed. Please.
• Do the X over the wrong word.
• Identify me and type my name.
• Write down your height measurement.
• Write a - a name.
• Type the name of the game by looking at the tool.
• Identify the picture and type its name.
• Write a picture number.
• Do 1 if number is in order and X if not in order.
• Fruit - Write down the names of the vegetables.
• X on top of the drawing.
• What drives toys? List it.
• Put the last letter in the sentence.
• List shapes.
• Find the alphabet given in L and move it around 1.
• Create words using the given alphabet.
• Calculate and write digits.
• Use the given numbers and make a number.

The following evaluation activities should be done while teaching each unit.
• Identify, read and write the alphabet.
• Identify the alphabet and do 1 around it.
• Attach the same alphabet.
• Combine Hindi and Gujarati alphabet.
• Look at the picture and place it around the alphabet before its name.
• Type the missing alphabet.
• Complete the alphabet color by pairing the dots.
• Find the alphabet shown in D and move it around 1.
• Read and write words.
• Write the Gujarati alphabet below the Hindi alphabet.
• Write Hindi alphabet below Gujarati alphabet.
• Practice the Hindi alphabet and write the missing letter.
• Look at the picture and write its name in Hindi.
• Write Gujarati meaning of Hindi words.
• Write Hindi words in Gujarati words.
• Find the alphabet from the line and put 2 above it.
• Words - Sentences - Read the steps and write in beautiful letters. Please practice.
• Write Hindi number against Gujarati number.
• Write Gujarati number against Hindi number.
• Calculate the correct digit around the picture.
• Identify the picture and put the missing alphabet to complete the word.
• Create a sentence using the given word.

The following assessment activities should be done while teaching each STEP.

• Draw a pair of dots (PATTERN DRAWING), identify the first and second ABCD alphabets, repeat the first alphabet of the second ABCD, rotate the correct alphabet by looking at the picture, split the first - second ABCD alphabet. Write the alphabet in the abcdcd Complete the abcd, spell the correct alphabet, write the next alphabet, read the given word (spelling), speak and write, see the picture, correct spelling against 1, write the given spelling in the second abcd. Do 1 around the spelling, put the correct alphabet, complete the spelling, combine the spelling with the correct Gujarati meaning, read the given numbers and words, Speak and type, multiply pictures and write pronunciation of letters, reduce the correct pronunciation of the picture to 5, attach the correct spelling, put the missing alphabet in the first - second ABCD, attach the same alphabet, complete the word puzzle, complete the spellings by u. Please, look at the sentence and write in beautiful letter.

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Masvar Ayojan std 1 (2022) | std 1 Masvar Varshik Ayojan by Alankar Publication